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Does Netflix have Spooksville?

starting tomorrow, August 15th, Seasons 1 and 2 of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning hit television series “Spooksville” begin streaming exclusively on Netflix. From the Press Release: “Spooksville” is a Daytime Emmy Award-winning series and recipient of the Parents’ Choice Approved Seal.

What channel was Spooksville on?

Hub Television Network
Spooksville (TV series)

Distributor Hub Television Network
Original network Hub Network
Original release October 26, 2013 – May 17, 2014

How many episodes of Spooksville are there?

Spooksville/Number of episodes

Is Spooksville on Amazon Prime?

Watch Spooksville Season 1 | Prime Video.

What app can i watch Spooksville on?

How to Watch Spooksville. You are able to stream Spooksville by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

How old was Sally in Spooksville?

Though Sally’s speculated age hovers around 12-years-old, this episode shows her in the same high school classes as Adam, Watch and Ann. Whatever her age, she’s truly her spunky self as she navigates the town and woods to try to solve this crisis.

Where can u watch Spooksville?

You are able to stream Spooksville by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

How many seasons of Spooksville are there?

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Where was Spooksville filmed?

Spooksville has also made lots of use of Lake Cowichan’s amenities and setting, shooting at Stanley Gordon School and outdoor locations on the west side of the Valley.

Is the TV series Spooksville based on a book?

” This new live-action series from Producer Jane Startz, is based on the tween-targeted book series by Christopher Pike. Spooksville follows the new kid in town who discovers that he holds the key to a battle between good and evil, which has been in motion for centuries in a bizarre small town that is home to a range of unexplained occurrences.

Who is the girl in the TV show Spooksville?

Katie Douglas as Sally Wilcox, a fearless and sarcastic girl, who also is trying to discover the many secrets of Spooksville, mostly the many reasons for the bizarre events that take place there.

What did Adam and watch do in Spooksville?

Sally and Watch talk Adam into helping them retrieve a map that shows the sites of spooky occurrences in Spooksville. 3. Spooksville (2013–2014) Error: please try again. Adam, Watch and Sally investigate a ghostly figure at a lighthouse where a little boy disappeared.

How did Sally die in the TV series Spooksville?

Thanks to Ann’s magic powers, Sally experiences an illness called “The Fire Inside”, in which she blows smoke out of her mouth and will die from the raging heat broiling in her body, so the boys must find a rare antidote known as “Crystal Moonflower”.