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Does Mass Gainer actually work?

Determining if a mass gainer will work is really up to you. Mass gainers can help people gain weight and gain weight by supplying additional calories to fuel growth. However, depending on your unique goals, diet, and training the benefits of a weight gain protein powder could vary.

What are the benefits of serious mass?


  • High-Calorie Formula Supports Muscle Building³ and Weight Gain Goals¹
  • 1,250 Calories per Serving to Help Boost Calorie Intake¹
  • 50 Grams of Protein per Serving to Help Build and Maintain Muscle¹ ³
  • 252-254 Grams of Carbohydrates per Serving to Help Fuel Workouts¹
  • 3 Grams of Creatine Monohydrate per Serving.

How long does it take serious mass to work?

These photos are results in just 3 weeks on serious Mass.

Is Serious Mass Gainer bad for you?

I would not recommend this product as my doctor informed me that the high levels of vitamins are not a healthy dose as well as the laundry list of other unhealthy ingredients in this product. Using this product can cause serious damage to your body.

Is mass gainer good or bad?

Yes, Mass gainer supplements do effect on your body, But not bad! Mass gaining supplements are popular for bodybuilders because they offer recovery from intense workouts, and help provide calories to gain muscle.

Are mass gainers bad for You?

Clinical research has shown that the consumption of mass gainer has negative effects on the integrity of the liver. The risk of developing liver problems more often affects people who have compromised the proper functioning of their liver because it becomes too difficult to metabolize excess protein in the body.

What does mass gainer do and do they work?

Mass gainers helps to build lean muscle mass. They help us to meet the extra calorie requirement. Mass gainers contains specially formulated carbohydrates and proteins. They are a rich source of vitamins and minerals which are important from nutritional point of view to keep our body healthy and fit. A good quality mass gainer also contains fibres, which helps to prevent bloating and improves digestion.

What are the best mass gainers?

Top 5 Weight Gainers for 2018 – 2019: 1. ProteinSeries MASS GAINER – 9.7/10 2. Optimum Pro Complex Gainer – 9.1/10 3. Nature’s Best Isopure Mass – 9.0/10 4. Dymatize Elite Mass Gainer – 8.8/10 5. Nutrabolics IsoGainer – 8.6/10 (Worth Mentioning) Universal Nutrition: Real Gains – 8.5/10 (Featured Stack) Crazy Bulks Bulking Stack – 9.7/10