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Does Lucas sleep with Siobhan?

The final scenes of the episode show Lucas having sex with Siobhan and Gordon getting a lap dance from a stripper as he ignores an incoming call from Carrie. In the morgue, a crying Nola places a kiss on Lana’s forehead. In the post-credits scene, Chayton is on his knees in his jail cell, chanting in his native tongue.

Is Siobhan dead in Banshee?

Her friend and fellow deputy Emmett Yawners was shot and killed. She was murdered by Chayton Littlestone in the show’s third season….

Siobhan Kelly
Home Banshee, Pennsylvania
Status Deceased
Profession Sheriff’s Deputy
Relatives Breece Connors (ex-husband)

Who is the female cop in Banshee?

Provo, Utah, U.S. Trieste Kelly Dunn (born January 14, 1981) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Deputy Siobhan Kelly in the Cinemax series Banshee.

Who does Lucas end up with in Banshee?

He eventually fell in love with Rabbit´s daughter Anastasia and they started to plan a life together away from her father. On April 17th 1997, his last job with Anastasia was a $10 million diamond heist from a company called Capitol Diamond.

Who was the father of Rebecca’s baby on Banshee?

It is later revealed upon her death and autopsy, that she was pregnant with Lucas’ child, although given her incestuous relationship with her uncle, there is a chance Kai was the father.

What is the real name of Lucas Hood?

Antony StarrBanshee
Lucas Hood/Played by

Who Killed Emmett banshee?


Emmett Yawners
Death Shot by Hondo
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Demetrius Grosse
Season Origins, 1, 2

Who is the fat guy in Banshee season 3?

Eddie Cooper
Eddie Cooper is an American actor. He plays character is Fat Au on Banshee and joined the second season.

Who is Lana in Banshee?


Year Title Role
2011 The Fresh Beat Band Steguitarus
2011–12 I.C.I.R.U.S. Brit
2013 Banshee Crystal

Who killed Gordon in Banshee?

Gordon Hopewell
Death Shot in the stomach and bled out
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rus Blackwell
Season Origins, 1, 2, 3

Did Banshee have an ending?

Banshee creator Jonathan Tropper reveals his original plan for how the show would end. The Cinemax series was canceled in 2016 after season 4.