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Does light or dark side matter in swtor?

Although you can decide your “Force focus“, with the Dark/Light Switch, all characters start at Neutral. So it doesn’t matter how evil your wanna-be Sith Lord looks, or how angelic your white-robed Jedi is, you start neutral!

Can light side play with dark side swtor?

Yes, certain NPCs will react differently to you. Your whole story will play out differently if you pick certain dark side choices. Storywise it has a major impact.

Can you be a light side Sith Swtor?

It is possible for a player Sith Warrior or Sith Inquisitor to be a Light Sith. Originally, in Star Wars: The Old Republic all light side Sith the player encounters throughout the game wielded purple-bladed lightsabers.

What does light and dark side do in swtor?

SWTOR’s Dark vs Light system allows you to join an on-going and never-ending fight between the Dark and Light side of the Force in SWTOR. Participate in server-wide battles, earn Dark of Light side points for your character and unlock special bonuses and perks during the victory stage. It is independent on each server.

Can you be a GREY Jedi in swtor?

The organization as you may think of it doesn’t exist, but SWTOR does have its own gray force users, and quite a few of them. Revan and his Revanites adopted gray Jedi tendencies. Even SoR Revan used light and dark attacks during his storyline boss fight.

Can you be a Dark Jedi in swtor?

While you can’t convert your Jedi in to a full Sith in the game, you can play the path of a Dark Jedi in the story. …

What does the light side grows stronger Swtor?

The long bar that appears when the light or darkside grows stronger simply reflects the choices made by everyone playing on your server at that time.

What does Darkside do in swtor?

The biggest effect your alignment has on your character is your appearance – as your move towards the dark side of the dark side of the Force, your character will become visually corrupted – their eyes will change, their skin will become paler and lose its color, and the veins of your character’s face will become more …

Is Darth Vader light side?

While Darth Vader was redeemed in Star Wars, Anakin did not properly rejoin the light side in the films. After the powerful Force Warrior descended into the dark side of the Force thanks to Emperor Palpatine, it was ultimately thanks to his son, Luke Skywalker, that Vader achieved a brief yet valuable redemption.

Was Darth Revan a GREY Jedi?

Near the end of the Jedi Civil War, he met the Jedi Revan in the Shadowlands of Kashyyyk and joined him in the campaign against the Dark Lord Darth Malak. He was a self-described Gray Jedi.

Why are Ahsoka’s lightsabers white?

Ahsoka’s white lightsabers first appeared in the TV episode “Fire Across the Galaxy,” the season one finale for Star Wars Rebels. According to Dave Filoni, one of the show’s creators, the lightsaber blades are white to reflect her non-affiliation with the Jedi or Sith.

When do you go from dark to light in SWTOR?

As each side starts gaining points, they progress from Dark or Light level 1 to 5. Levels 1-4 are just to show which side is currently winning, and when a side reaches level five they enter the victory state with special rewards.

What happens when the dark side wins in SWTOR?

If the lightside wins, the darkside will then get an alignment point boost to help them win next time. The Dark vs Light slider usually swings back and forth between Dark 5 and Light 5. When the Dark or the Light side wins, the galaxy is also affected.

What does Dark vs light mean in Star Wars The Old Republic?

SWTOR Dark vs Light Guide. Dark vs Light is a way of competing with your server in Star Wars the Old Republic to push your side to victory and gain some unique rewards on a level 70 character. This Dark vs Light system is loosely based off of the Dark vs Light limited-time event, but is not directly related.

How can I tell which way the SWTOR battle is leaning?

To tell which way the battle is leaning, check the Galactic Command window (pressing CTRL+G) and view the dark vs. light meter at the bottom, as shown here: As one side moves closer to winning, you will see the changes reflected in the movement of the meter as one side’s color dominates the slider bar.