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Does Kreager Park have a splash pad?

Kreager Park Kreager offers softball fields, Taylor’s Dream: Boundless Playground with splash pad, Soccer fields, many natural open spaces for flying a kite, tennis courts, and . 95 miles of the Rivergreenway trail.

Are dogs allowed at Kreager Park?

You may walk your dog in any city park as long as your dog(s) is on a leash. By city ordinance, dogs are not allowed in public parks unless on a leash. You must also pick up any dog excrement.

Where do I park for Promenade Park Fort Wayne Indiana?

Parking options and shuttle service times for Promenade Park…

  • N. River Lot (Corner of 4th and Clinton)
  • Citizens Square Lot.
  • Parkview Field Silver Lot.
  • Ash Brokerage on Harrison Street.

Is McMillen pool open?

McMillen will be open daily from 1:30 p.m. – 7 p.m. The parks department said the pools will have some restrictions based on CDC guidelines.

Does Fort Wayne Zoo serve alcohol?

Fort Wayne Childrens Zoo A. Alcohol will be served at private events not accessible to the general public.

When was Promenade Park built?

Promenade Park, the first phase of our transformational Riverfront Fort Wayne Project opened in 2019! Highlights of the opening weekend included the ribbon cutting and various arts performances, boating and recreation as well as nature and our rivers’ ecosystem activities.

Do you have to wear a mask at the Fort Wayne zoo?

Health Regulations in 2021 One question guests have is whether masks will be required at the zoo this season. Schuiteman says the zoo will be following local health department guidelines by strongly recommending face coverings, social distancing, and hand washing.

Are there elephants at the Fort Wayne zoo?

This is a great zoo that is updated frequently. It has sky ride, boat ride, carousel, and train. Lots of animals and lots of places to eat.

How did Fort Wayne develop?

Crossroads of Activity In 1697, the French built a fort along the St. Marys River near the Miami Village of Kekionga. After a series of American attempts to capture Kekionga, General Anthony Wayne established the first Fort Wayne in 1794 near the intersection of Main and Clay streets where the three rivers meet.

Can you feed giraffes at Fort Wayne zoo?

GIRAFFE WILD ENCOUNTER You will help keepers create special feeders for the Zoo’s tallest residents, while keepers share how they train and care for our tower. You’ll find out just how tall giraffe are when you stand toe to toe with these gentle giants as they munch tasty snacks from your hand.

Does the Fort Wayne zoo have sharks?

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo is home to two species of sharks, the Blacktip Reef Shark and Zebra Shark. At this zoo, they live in a 50,000-gallon tank inside the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium building.

Who is the richest person in Fort Wayne Indiana?

Carl Cook is the richest person in the Hoosier State, according to Forbes Magazine’s annual list of the world’s billionaires. Cook is the heir to the Cook Medical Group fortune. He is currently worth $4.8 billion and is ranked 298th overall, down from 2014 when he was worth $5.9 billion and ranked 86th in the world.

Where is Kreager Park in Fort Wayne Indiana?

Kreager Park is located on North River Road, Fort Wayne, IN. For more detailed location information, check out the General Park Map, or Kreager Park Map. Kreager Park is open from 6 am-11 pm daily.

Where are the walking trails in Kreager Park?

The Kreager Park section of the Rivergreenway contains a loop, (.95 miles). This section connects to the east end of the greenway along the Maumee River, and runs into New Haven. A map of the Kreager Park Walking Trails is now available.

When do the splash pads close in Fort Wayne?

Note: Splash pads are open as of May 29, and will close around Labor Day. Splash pads are open 9 am to 9 pm. Hours for swimming pools vary by park. Visit the park website for details. Come play in one of the FREE splash pads conveniently located all around the city: