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Does James may actually drive?

James’ interest in transport doesn’t stop at cars – so much so in fact that in 2006 he pulled out all the stops and earned himself a pilot’s license after training at White Waltham Airfield in Berkshire.

Is the James may theory App good?

The Best Driving Theory App The app is well developed and designed too. My only suggestion at the time of writing would be to add more hazard perception videos, as practice eventually turns into a memory game.

How can I pass my driving test first time?

Top 10 Tips to Pass Your Driving Test First Time

  1. Find the right instructor for you.
  2. Always look for learning opportunities.
  3. ‘Show me, Tell me’ questions.
  4. Driving test routes.
  5. Practice, practice and practice some more.
  6. Revisit your theory.
  7. Mock theory test.
  8. Stay calm and don’t panic.

What is the official theory test app?

2. Official DVSA Theory Test Kit. The official app from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency contains everything you need to pass your theory test the first time around. It includes the Official Highway Code, interactive hazard perception video clips and extra tips and tricks.

What is the best driving theory App UK?

Best 5 theory test apps in 2021

  • Official DVSA Theory Test KitApp. This DVSA theory test app has pretty much everything you need to prepare yourself for your theory test.
  • Driving Theory Test 4-in-1 Kit.
  • Theory Test Hazard Perception.
  • Driving Theory Test Genius UK.
  • UK Road Signs.
  • Driving Theory Test 2018 – with Brain Hack.

What’s the best theory test app 2021?

Is the new James May driving test practical?

My Theory Test by James May, which launches today, arrives on the same day that practical driving tests across the country have resumed after a prolonged break. Instead of tackling the practical side of the test, however, May has focused purely on the theory.

Why did James may create the driving app?

May has created his app to help turn that statistic around, calling upon four decades of driving experience, and his trademark ability to pass on technical information in an easily digestible way, to help push up the pass rate.

What kind of cars does James may drive?

The catalogue of his current or former cars reads like a motorhead’s wish-list, including Porsches, Bentleys, Rolls Royces and, um, Fiat Pandas.

How much is my theory test by James May?

My Theory Test by James May is available now for £4.99 on the Apple App Store, and will be available on Android soon. NEW RESEARCH claims to have settled the debate about whether or not the best drivers pass their test first time.