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Does International Airlines Group pay dividends?

IAG’s dividend policy for ordinary shares is to return to shareholders 60-80% of cash earnings on a full-year basis. IAG declared and paid only one dividend during the 2020/21 tax year (1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021).

HOW MUCH DOES International Airlines Group pay in dividends?

International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (IAG) Ord EUR0. 10 (CDI)

Type Amount Ex-dividend date
Interim 14.50¢ 29/11/2018
Special 35.00¢ 04/07/2019
Final 16.50¢ 04/07/2019
Total €0.27

Are IAG shares a good buy?

As of Monday, out of 29 analysts, 21 rated IAG shares ‘buy’, seven suggested ‘hold’, and one recommended ‘sell’. Their average 12-month target price stood at 230.53 pence per share, according to Bloomberg data.

When did IAG last pay a dividend?

Most recent dividend payment

Dividend amount £0.145
Ex-dividend 28 Nov 2019
Declaration date 30 Oct 2019
Record date 29 Nov 2019
Payable date 02 Dec 2019

How often does International Airlines Group pay dividends?

1 dividend per year
Dividend Summary There is typically 1 dividend per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 0.0.

Did International Airlines Group pay a dividend in 2020?

From inception, IAG’s ambition was to pay a sustainable dividend and reward shareholders. As a result of the impact of the situation created by COVID-19, in April 2020 IAG withdrew the proposal to pay a final dividend of 0.17 euros per share, choosing instead to retain fiscal year 2019 profits in reserves.

Can I sell IAG rights?

You can opt to sell your Subscription Rights to someone else in return for cash, without having to sell your existing shares. Your shareholding following completion of the Capital Increase will, however, be diluted.

How often does international Consolidated Airlines Group SA pay dividends?

The previous International Consolidated Airlines Group SA dividend was 14.5¢ and it went ex over 1 year ago and it was paid over 1 year ago . There is typically 1 dividend per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 3.7.

How does the Board of IAG decide on dividend?

In determining the level of dividend in any year, the Board considers several factors, including: Its intention to distribute regular returns to its shareholders in the medium and long-term. * The payment date for the UK register (held as CDIs) will be approximately 10 days later than the payment date for shares held through the Spanish register.

When does the International Airlines Group return capital to shareholders?

The Group is determined to resume returning capital to Shareholders as soon as the operating environment and resulting financial performance of the Group permit.

Which is the largest airline group in the world?

The chart below shows the optimized dividends for this security over a rolling 12-month period. IAG was formed by the merger of British Airways and Iberia in January 2011. It is one of the largest airline groups with over four hundred aircraft flying 55 million passengers to 200 destinations.