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Does fender ship internationally?

International Orders While we truly appreciate your interest we are only able to accept orders and ship to customers in the United States at this time. Fortunately, most items featured on may also be purchased from local Fender dealers in your country or region.

Does Orangewood ship internationally?

Do you offer international shipping? We currently only ship in the United States and Canada, but our team is working hard on expanding to other countries — stay tuned!

How do you ship an instrument internationally?

All you should do is to decompose everything you can. After that, feel free to wrap each piece with a bubble pack or with packing paper. By doing this, you will isolate them from any bumps that may occur. Put all of the pieces in a sturdy box, fill the empty spaces and you will have nothing to worry about.

How long does it take to get a guitar from Fender?

How long does it take to make a Fender Custom Shop guitar? The general build time for a Fender Custom Shop instrument varies from about 4 months up to 10 months.

How fast does fender ship?


Expedited Shipping Rates Fedex 2-Day
Estimated Time 2 Business Days 2-3 Business Days
All Gear (Merch, Accessories, Parts) $24.99 per order $34.99 per order
All Guitars & Basses (Electric and Acoustic) $79.99 per instrument $99.99 per instrument
Amps & Audio Equipment $129.99 per item $179.99 per item

Where are orange guitars made?

Ade Emsley, Orange Technical Director: Designed by Orange’s Technical Director Ade Emsley and constructed by luthier Jason Burns at Blast Cult, each guitar is made to order in London, England.

How do I ship a guitar internationally?

How to Pack a Guitar for Shipping (Step by Step)

  1. Prepare Your Guitar to Be Packed.
  2. Separate All of The Loose Parts.
  3. Use a Proper Case for Your Guitar.
  4. Pack Your Guitar in the Box for Shipping.
  5. Countercheck the Regulations of Your Chosen Courier.
  6. Check the Insurance Cover of the Select Courier.

How can I send a guitar abroad?

Place your acoustic or electric guitar in a padded gig bag or any other soft bag. Fill the space with cushioning materials and seal the box. Use more packing material when shipping an electric guitar as it is heavier than an acoustic guitar. Place the guitar in the cardboard shipping box with plenty of bubble wrap.

Is there a way to ship a guitar internationally?

We handle all international shipping forms and work directly with major carriers and customs officials on your behalf. Competitive Domestic and International shipping rates with the highest level of service in the industry. We provide Guitar Packing and Shipping Tips to make sure your guitar is properly packed and ready to ship.

Where can I find the best guitar deals?

World Music Supply carries all the big brands, including Fender guitar and many others. Browse our extensive inventory to find amazing deals on high quality products. We have a wide range of categories, including acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, drum sets, guitar amps, recording equipment, DJ lighting and many more.

Where do I Send my Guitar to the music Zoo?

The Music Zoo will ship your guitar, amplifier, pedal, or accessories right to your door. Shipments originate from our facility on Long Island here in Farmingdale, New York.