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Does Code Veronica have puzzles?

Metroid Dread – The Loop. Below is a list of all puzzles present in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica / CODE:Veronica X and how to solve them.

How do you get the skeleton picture code in Veronica?

Firstly, there is a pass-code written on the picture, 1126, that opens the door to the Observation Room. Secondly, once you’re in possession of the picture you can hang it up on the wall in the Diorama Room to reveal a diorama of the training facility.

How do you get into the military training facility RE Code Veronica?

When you get to the stairs near the little bridge outside of the palace, go to the right and through the door. You’ll encounter the Gulp Worm, not too hard to avoid. Go through the double doors. You are now in the Military Training Facility.

Where is the lockpick in Code Veronica X?

the prisoner management office
Location. Given to the player by Rodrigo Juan Raval once the Hemostatic is given to him in the prisoner management office. The Lockpick replaces the Lighter, which Claire gives to Rodrigo.

Where is the Red ant in Code Veronica?

A queen ant object that contains a red ruby. A queen ant object made up of a red jewel. This object is used on the music box lid in Alexia’s Bedroom in the Ashford Private Residence.

How do you get the golden key code in Veronica?

Location. The Gold Key is found in the Military Training Center’s model exhibition room. It is on the diorama of the facility, hidden behind a false wall that is lowered upon hanging the Skeleton Picture on the other wall.

HOW LONG IS RE Code Veronica?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 189 11h 26m
Main + Extras 66 14h 21m
Completionists 12 15h 17m
All PlayStyles 267 12h 19m

Where does the Navy proof Code Veronica?

The Navy proof can be found near the collapse entrance of the official residence vestibule. As Chris, it will be at the same location Claire left it before.

How do you open the duralumin case in Resident Evil Code Veronica?

It’s secured by a simple lock. A large locked case that requires a key or lock-picking device to open. When you have one of these cases in your possession and you also have the Lockpick, examine the locks to open it up.

Who is the author of Resident Evil Veronica puzzle guide?

BIOHAZARD -CODE:Veronica- PUZZLE GUIDE: by Scott Wright (13/2/2000) E-mail [email protected] This is not a walkthrough but a guide to some of the more puzzling moments of the game.

How much does Resident Evil Veronica X cost?

In North America and Europe, CODE: Veronica X became a downloadable game on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Games on Demand for $19.99 USD.

Where to find the second code in Resident Evil Veronica?

The second is found after using the silver key in the ground floor of the palace. Use it at the rear of the military building. *The Lock Pick Take the bottle of medicine to the guy from the very start of the game. The lock pick can be used on locked draws and suitcases.

How to control Claire in Resident Evil Veronica X?

After the introductory cutscenes, you assume control of Claire inside her prison cell. Equip your Lighter and it will trigger another cutscene. Now that you are free to leave your cell, look around the room for supplies; there is an herb inside your cell and a box of handgun bullets on the floor outside your cell.