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Does Cleveland Clinic have a weight loss program?

Cleveland Clinic’s Obesity and Medical Weight Loss Center is a non-surgical weight loss and medical weight management program committed to helping people achieve and maintain weight loss success while improving medical conditions associated with obesity, such as type 2 diabetes.

What kind of doctor treats weight loss?

What is a bariatrician? A bariatric medicine doctor specializes in treating obesity and obesity-related diseases and conditions. Bariatricians provide medical, nonsurgical weight management.

How much does it cost to have your stomach stapled?

Bariatric surgery is expensive. Procedures similar to stomach stapling cost around $15,000. This is unaffordable for many people unless their medical insurance covers it. Coverage varies by insurance company, but some types of bariatric surgery may be covered based on your body mass index (BMI).

What kind of doctor treats overweight patients?

Some healthcare providers specialize in treating obese or overweight people. These healthcare providers are called bariatric healthcare providers or bariatricians. Some of these healthcare providers may also be bariatric surgeons. Bariatric surgeons are trained to do surgery that aids in weight loss.

What is a medical Bariatrician?

A bariatrician is a medical weight loss doctor who specializes in the treatment of obesity and its associated conditions. Bariatricians can help prevent, and more importantly, reverse obesity related diseases by reducing body fat responsible for the disease processes while maintaining muscle mass.

Do bariatric Staples dissolve?

Basically, the staples will stay in you forever and not cause any issues. Even if they migrate (move from their original position) they won’t cause any issues.

Can Obgyn help with weight loss?

Your gynecologist will be glad to help you get as healthy as possible, by starting you on Medi-Weightloss, if necessary, so you can achieve your desired healthy weight. Contact Us to learn more about Medi-WeightLoss.

What is the best doctor for weight loss?

General Practitioner. Your general practitioner — commonly called a family physician — should be your starting point for weight loss help, particularly if you only need to lose a few pounds.

What is a weight management clinic?

Weight Management Clinic. Mission: To provide More MD patients with a medically supervised weight management program designed to achieve a healthy weight and reduce comorbidities using an interdisciplinary team approach.

What is medical weight loss?

Posted by. Medical weight loss is defined as a weight management program that is developed and monitored by a medical professional, either a family doctor or specialist physician. In medical weight loss, the therapeutic program is approached as a doctor would for any disease and the management is based on individual factors.