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Does BRIO still make trains?

The fun is never-ending with a BRIO railway. Play with the toy trains and wooden railways, all while exploring the different track layouts you can build. Here you’ll find all BRIO’s railway tracks and train sets.

Are Ikea trains compatible with BRIO?

Ikea advertises its wooden track as being compatible with most brand name train sets, like Thomas or Brio. The tracks are the same width (or to use the railway terminology, gauge) as the Thomas train sets, so you can run Thomas trains on them pretty easily.

What trains are compatible with BRIO?

As we know, Bigjigs Rail and Brio wooden railway track and trains are compatible. (For full details see our article about these two brands).

Do all BRIO train sets fit together?

Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Train Track: What brands of wooden train tracks work together? In our experience, Brio, Thomas, Chuggington, Nuchi, Bigjigs, Jesse’s Toy Box, Orbium, Conductor Carl, Melissa and Doug, and Imaginarium track all work well together.

Are BRIO trains made of wood?

BRIO is best known for its wooden toy trains, sold in Europe since 1958. Most are non-motorized and suitable for younger children. Many competitors, such as Whittle Shortline, make products that are compatible with BRIO.

Are BRIO tracks double sided?

Bigjigs Rail and Brio track pieces fit perfectly, and one brand is virtually indistinguishable from the other. Curves from both have track grooves on both sides so that the pieces can be reversed and curve left or right, whilst straights have grooves on one side only.

Is Thomas and Friends wooden Railway compatible with brio?

Answer: Yes, it’s compatible with all major wooden railway systems including Thomas, Brio, IKEA, etc.

Does Brio work with HAPE?

Are these fully compatible with Hape tracks and trains? Answer: This is compatible with nearly all of the wooden train track sets. I have Ikea, Brio several generic brands, and Hape and it works with all of them.

How much is BRIO worth?

Brio value and price guide

Title Date Price
Gemeinhardt Solid Silver Flute Brio Ng1 Headjoint 08/2021 $1 250.00
Rega Brio Stereo Integrated Amplifier Mm Phono Remote 08/2021 $815.00
Brio 2 R 13 Ric Hearing Aids 06/2021 $787.00
Rega Brio 2019 Amplifier Near Mint Condition 07/2021 $652.05

What country is BRIO from?

Brio, based in Malmo, Sweden, moved the bulk of its production to China in 2004 after it passed from family ownership to a Swedish investment firm. But the chief executive, Thomas Brautigam, said the company exerted rigorous quality control over its three factories in Guangdong Province.