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Does Basic PAYE Tools support automatic Enrolment?

Basic PAYE Tools does not help you work out who to automatically enrol or calculate pension contributions. You need to make sure you calculate pension contributions before using Basic PAYE Tools to make sure the amounts you enter are correct.

Where can I find employers PAYE?

You’ll find it in the welcome pack you received when you first registered as an employer with HMRC. Plus, you’ll find it on some of your correspondence from them and you should also find it on payslips, P45s, P60s, or P11Ds issued to past or present employees.

What is employers PAYE and National Insurance?

Pay As You Earn (PAYE) is HMRC’s system to collect income tax (which helps pay for services like education and healthcare), and National Insurance (which helps pay for some benefits and the State Pension) from employees.

How do I activate my employer PAYE?

6️⃣ In order to activate the login for PAYE, you will need the activation pin which will be sent in the post a few days after the completion of the registration process. When you receive the activation pin, you will have to log in and enter. You may need to select the “PAYE for Employers” service first.

Can you print payslips from Basic PAYE Tools?

In its latest user guide to Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) HMRC has indicated that from April 2020 users will be able to print payslips from the PAYE reporting tool. From April 2020 HMRC will add payslip printing functionality to its Basic PAYE Tools product.

How do I backup my Basic PAYE Tools?

To back up your data:

  1. Select the ‘Back up your data’ link from the Menu on the Home page of Basic PAYE Tools.
  2. Choose a suitable location for the backup file as explained above.

Does PAYE include national insurance?

Well, PAYE is basically used to collect your Income Tax and National Insurance contributions. Your employer deducts these contributions from your wages and pension. You pay tax and NI throughout the whole year, every single time you are paid, instead of in one lump sum.

How do I find my PAYE number online?


  1. Logon to eFiling.
  2. Navigate to SARS Registered Details functionality:
  3. Select SARS Registered Details.
  4. The Maintain SARS Registered Details screen will display.
  5. Select the Payrolls taxes menu item under My tax products > Revenue on the left menu.
  6. Select Add new product registration to register new or additional PAYE:

Does PAYE include National Insurance?

How do I pay employers National Insurance?

Pay employers’ Class 1A National Insurance

  1. Overview.
  2. Bank details for online or telephone banking, CHAPS, Bacs.
  3. By debit or corporate credit card online.
  4. At your bank or building society.
  5. Direct Debit.
  6. By cheque through the post.
  7. Check your payment has been received.
  8. Class 1A contributions on sporting testimonials.

How do I get an activation code for PAYE?

If you’ve lost your activation code You’ll get a 12-digit activation code within 10 days of enrolling for a new online service, or 21 days if you live abroad. You do not get a code for the personal tax account. If you lose your code within 28 days of enrolling, sign in to HMRC online services and ask for a new code.

What details do I need to register for PAYE?

You will need: start date, full name, national insurance number, date of birth, home address and confirmation of whether they have other jobs or a student loan. HMRC have made collecting this information really easy as you can just ask your new employee to fill in the online HMRC new starter form.

What does basic PAYE tools do for employers?

Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) is a free and basic tool to help employers process their payroll. However, Basic PAYE Tools does not and will not help you with your automatic enrolment duties. It is not capable of assessing any employees to calculate their worker category and it will not enrol any employees into a pension scheme for you.

Can a payroll agent use basic PAYE tools?

Basic PAYE Tools has some limitations. You cannot use it to produce payslips, and it is not designed for agents or bookkeepers with lots of clients. Other payroll software is available.

Do you need HMRC to use basic PAYE tools?

Basic PAYE Tools has some limitations. It is not designed for agents or bookkeepers with more than 3 clients. Other payroll software is available. You must be registered with HMRC as an employer and have a login for PAYE Online before you can use Basic PAYE Tools.

Is the HMRC adding automatic enrolment to BPT?

TPR has confirmed that they will not be adding automatic enrolment as a function to HMRC Basic PAYE Tools (BPT). As we look ahead in 2017, a staggering 750,000 small and micro employers are due to reach their staging date. If employers continue to use Basic Tools then the Regulator warns;