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Does a ZF6 need a cooler?

The ZF-6 in Fords do have a cooler. The oil is pumped to the radiator where it is cooled.

How do I know what size transmission cooler I need?

Transmission coolers are rated by their gross vehicle weight or GVW, and this can go from as little as 10,000, all the way up to 40,000 or more! Based on the transmission cooler GVW chart shown below, the optimal transmission cooler should be at least 20,000 depending on the tow capacity.

What is a good transmission cooler?

  • Editor’s Pick: Hayden Automotive 679 Rapid-Cool Transmission Cooler.
  • Best Transmission Cooler for Import Cars: Hayden Automotive 402 Ultra-Cool.
  • B&M 70268 SuperCooler.
  • Mishimoto MMTC F2D-99SL Transmission Cooler.
  • Mishimoto MMTC Ram-03SL Transmission Cooler.
  • Mishimoto MMTC-K2-14 Transmission Cooler.

How much difference does a transmission cooler make?

After adding a transmission cooler to most vehicles will net an average 20-25 degree drop in trans temps. As pointed out before, transmission temp increases of 20-25 degrees higher than 175 dramatically decrease your fluid and overall transmission’s lifespan.

Can you run two transmission coolers?

There’s a direct link between a transmission’s temperature and its lifespan: a transmission that gets too hot will absolutely fail more quickly than one that stays within a normal operating temp. This is a relatively simple process; a second transmission cooler can be piggybacked on a primary unit.

Should transmission cooler be before or after radiator?

Should the cooler be installed before or after the radiator? Answer: We recommend installing the auxiliary cooler after the radiator to return the coolest fluid directly to the transmission.

How much does it cost to install a transmission cooler?

As a DIY project, you’ll pay between $30 and $60 for the oil cooler and spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours on installation. You can have a local transmission shop install a transmission oil cooler in your vehicle. Expect to pay between $150 and $250 for the job.

What kind of transmission is the ZF S650?

The ZF S650 is a six speed, RWD or 4WD transmission. The ZF S650 is a German ZF Friedrichshafen AG engineering design, this transmission is an end loaded aluminum case with integrated bell housing. You will find the identification tag on the left side of the transmission case. Tag will include the manufactures code and the ZF number 13319-XXX-XXX.

Do you need a ZF6 transmission rebuild kit?

GM used the ZF S6 as an RPO (regular production option) on some of its trucks. If you require a Ford ZF6 transmission rebuild kit or other ZF6 transmission parts, we’ve got them here. This includes ZF gearbox parts, ZF S6 650 transmission parts and what you need for a ZF6 transmission upgrade.

When did Ford start using the S6 650 transmission?

German manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen AG began producing the S6 650 6-speed manual transmission in 1998, and Ford Motor Company began using it on its F-Series Super Duty pickups with diesel engines in 1999. This includes F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 models.