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Do Pandora Safety Chains screw on?

Pandora offer two kinds of safety chain: ones that screw on, and ones that clip on. The advantage of having safety chains that clip on is that you don’t have to take all your charms off to attach the first end of it – you can just clip it straight on to the chain.

Can you put a safety chain on pandora bangle?

Yes this safety chain is compatible with Pandora, Biagi, Troll and Chamilia European bracelets.

Can you take a shower with a Pandora bracelet on?

We recommend that customers remove their Pandora jewelry before going to bed, showering, swimming or participating in physical activity. Your jewelry must not be exposed to chlorine or salt water, as this will dull the appearance.

How do you put a Pandora bangle on yourself?

Use the fingers of your hand without the bracelet to hold the clasp firmly against the top of your wrist. Using the thumb of the same hand, insert your nail into the slot. If you have a bracelet opener, hold it between the thumb and forefinger of the same hand and insert it into the clasp’s slot.

Do I need a safety chain for my Pandora?

And, that’s why we would always recommend investing in a Pandora safety chain. If the clasp of our Pandora bracelet ever opens unexpectedly, this will help to prevent your jewellery from slipping off your wrist, reducing the risk of you losing it.

Do you need a safety chain for Pandora bracelet?

How do I know what size pandora safety chain to buy?

The size of the chain should reflect the length of the bracelet it is worn with, both to offer a more secure fit and as a more appropriate look for your collection. For example, for a 19cm bracelet, we would recommend a 5cm safety chain, moving up or down from there depending on the size of the bracelet.

What is a Pandora safety chain used for?

Bracelet Safety Chains The Pandora safety chain is used to secure your charm bracelets from accidental damage, in an elegant and stylish way. They are available in a variety of metals to perfectly complement the elegant charms and bracelets you already own.