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Do I need a safety relay?

Safety Relays have forcibly guided contacts to prevent NO and NC contacts from operating at the same time during contact welding, which enables detection of contact welding in the Safety Relay itself. This can be used in building safety circuits.

What is a Category 3 safety circuit?

At a very high level, Category 3 refers to a design principle used by the engineering teams. It means that the machines are designed to not only check for faults but also have redundant circuits for all safety functions. In other words, safety functions are again at risk in between scans for failure.

What is dual channel safety relay?

The Dual-Channel Emergency Stop Safety Relay monitors emergency stop devices, such as palm buttons and rope/cable pulls, and positive-opening safety switches used for guard/gate interlocking. It is designed to connect safety devices, such as interlock switches, to the machine control unit.

Can a g9sa relay be used for two hand controls?

For machine builders, specifying a safety relay for a safety solution is always a challenge. The G9SA series offers a reliable safety relaythat supports the most common safety devices–from safety light curtains to two-hand controls.

Why do you need to know about STI?

Prevent false fire alarms, vandalism and damage. Deter tampering with important medical equipment. STI is a specialist manufacturer of fire, safety and security products. Our products help deter false alarms and prevent theft and vandalism of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and other essential fire and security equipment.

Who is Safety Technology International, Inc.and what do they do?

Safety Technology International, Inc. is a manufacturer of fire, safety and security products that help deter false fire alarms, prevent theft and minimize damage to building equipment. Our innovative cages, covers, alarms and custom buttons are found in commercial and industrial environments worldwide.