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Do essential oils need dark bottles?

Do essential oils need dark bottles? You’ll notice that all Young Living essential oils come in amber bottles. That’s to protect them from light that can alter their delicate composition. We recommend always storing your essential oils in dark bottles to preserve their quality.

Are amber glass bottles better than clear?

After all, amber glass can certainly offer more protection compared to clear glass. It can protect against light damage, and it can also block UV light rays that can negatively impact the quality of a certain product. Additionally, amber glass specifically blocks blue light.

Can essential oils be stored in frosted glass?

So whether you have cobalt blue glass, amber colored glass, frosted glass or any other color glass bottles for essential oils, just make sure they are stored in a cool dark space that is not in direct visible light, and transferring to a smaller container once the current one is under halfway full for the best shelf …

Do essential oils have to be stored in glass?

Pure essential oils are very powerful. They need to be stored in airtight containers made of glass. Due to the strength of the oils, plastic containers can break down over time, causing damaging leaks and the loss of your oils.

Are blue or amber bottles better for essential oils?

To avoid deterioration and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of your essential oils, store them in amber or cobalt blue bottles. Dark glass such as amber or cobalt helps to keep out deteriorating sunlight. It is best not to store essential oils in clear glass bottles.

Is cobalt blue glass safe?

Health Concerns. As mentioned earlier, cobalt is generally safe–but not for the workers who extract it from the environment and are likely to be inhaling high and harmful amounts of cobalt on a regular basis.

Can you use plastic bottles with essential oils?

Diluted oils can be stored in plastic containers, typically PET plastics, which are less expensive than glass containers. Regardless of the bottle type you use for storing essential oils, always make sure to use a high-quality, airtight lid and seal oils well before storage.

Can you put a drop of essential oil on a light bulb?

Scented Lightbulbs: Put 1-2 drops of essential oil on your light bulbs in your lamps when not in use. When you turn on your light again the heat from the bulb will warm the oil and add a nice fragrance to your room. Make sure the light bulb is off and cold before adding the essential oil.