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Do door gunners still exist?

The Modern Door Gunner U.S. Army crew chiefs in UH-60 and CH-47 units serve as gunners in addition to their maintenance duties.

What is the Army MOS for door gunner?

One is a crew chief replacement and three others as door gunners.” He added that two of the future trainees are in Army MOS 15T, which is Blackhawk mechanic. The two will become full-time crew chiefs since they will be capable of performing two vital jobs: security and maintenance of the aircraft.

What guns do door gunners use?

As a door gunner, Fitzgerald is trained to operate the GAU-21 . 50-caliber weapon system and the M240D machine gun, but there’s one weapon most closely associated with his job: a minigun that fires over 3,000 rounds a minute.

Are medevac helicopters armed?

Never mind that our sister services, special operations forces and allies are all able to field armed, dedicated CASEVAC/MEDEVAC helicopters!

How much do door gunners make?

How does the salary as an Aerial Gunner at US Air Force compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for an Aerial Gunner is $46,679 per year in United States, which is 12% lower than the average US Air Force salary of $53,375 per year for this job.

Are helicopter gunners strapped in?

The door gunners were typically restrained using a standard lap belt or a monkey harness. The monkey harness secures to the waist and connects to fittings on the floor of the cabin. For example, the doors of the Black Hawk helicopters have windows. The machine gun is mounted with the barrel pointing through the window.

What is a Dustoff pilot?

“Dustoff” soon became synonymous with all helicopter ambulance units operating in Vietnam. The crew usually consisted of four men–two pilots with one acting as a commander, a medic assigned to evacuate evacuating the wounded, and the crew chief whose role was also to keep the chopper in top condition.

Where did the term ” door gunner ” come from?

The concept of the door gunner originated during the Vietnam War, when helicopters were first used in combat in large numbers. The original personnel who served as early door gunners aboard CH-21, UH-34, and UH-1 helicopters in Vietnam, were enlisted men, with a designated and specially trained crew chief serving as both…

What kind of job does a door gunner do?

The Modern Door Gunner. U.S. Navy door gunners now provide stand off security against attack by small craft. U.S. Army crew chiefs in UH-60 and CH-47 units serve as gunners in addition to their maintenance duties.

How long did I serve as a door gunner in Vietnam?

As luck would have it, other than a few details, I remember everything that I can think of. I was in Vietnam for 10 months and a few days. I flew as a door gunner for 8 months and a few days. I received an Air Medal with a Cluster, I flew as a doorgunner over 125 aerial missions in hostile territory.

What was the life span of a door gunner?

According to popular legend, the door gunner on a Vietnam era Huey gunship had a life-span of 5 minutes. This was obviously exaggerated but displays the hazards of this particular military job at the time.