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Did Kotoko get pregnant?

The episode is left at a cliffhanger. After visiting the hospital, it is confirmed that Kotoko is indeed pregnant by three months.

How old is Kotoko?

11-12 year old
Kotoko is most likely an 11-12 year old girl. She has very long pink hair tied into pigtails and matching pink eyes with speech bubbles acting as the irises. She wears a pink hairband with horns, which is branded with the emblem of the “Fighter” class.

Do Kotoko and Naoki end up together?

When Naoki found out about this after picking her up, he kissed her and also askes her to marry him and she accepts, they eventually marry and he faces some challenges. At the end they had a beautiful girl named Irie Kotomi.

Is Kotoko older than Naoki?

By the way, Kotoko is older than Naoki. The Kotoko´s birthday is 28 of september. Her blood is 0 and she is 158 cm. The Naoki´s birthday is 12 of November.

When did Itazura na Kiss anime come out?

The episodes started airing on 4 April 2008 on TBS. Subsequently, Sun TV began airing the episodes from 15 April 2008 and Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co., Ltd on 9 April 2008. As the manga only ran until volume 23, the ending remained unfinished. The anime adaption after episode 22 is not included in the unfinished manga.

How did Kotoko save Yuuki in Itazura na Kiss?

Kotoko, Irie and friends visit Waterland. While Irie’s getting ice cream, Yuuki ends up sinking in the pool, and Kotoko saves him. Irie overhears about the rescue, rushes back to Yuuki, and is pleased at Kotoko’s actions.

Who is hiding behind the tree in Itazura na Kiss?

Kotoko dreams that Irie kisses her and Yuuki is hiding behind the tree where she was sleeping. Irie tells his father he does not wish to take over his company, instead he wants to become a doctor. Irie’s dad has a heart attack after he hears this.

What’s the name of Irie’s doll in Itazura na Kiss?

When it is Christmas Day the class chips in to get a gift for Irie which ends up being a Kotoko doll. Kotoko on the other hand works really hard as a waitress to buy Irie’s Christmas present. It’s Valentines Day soon, Irie’s mother helps Kotoko make homemade chocolate, but Kotoko fails to give them to Irie.