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Sex education entails obtaining information, forming altitudes and also the beliefs about sex, the sexual nature and intimacy. Moreover, it focuses on the development of youths skills to make concrete choices about their behaviours. It helps the youths be aware of the risks encountered in the sexual activities and also the prevention measures that should be undertaken. The parents and guardians of the children have different opinions on the teaching of sex education in the schools. Many of them are against it arguing that it encourages the kids to engage in the sexual activities. The essay outlines on why the sex education should be taught in schools.


The sex education is very broad and has various teachings to the individuals approaching the adolescent stage. It ensures that the kids abstain from the sexual activities until they engage in marriage. On the other hand, it outlines the dangers that one may face while engaging in the sexual activities. The unwanted pregnancies and several sexually transmitted diseases are some of the risks (Lord, 2010). It leads to the children dropping out of school and destroying their bright future. The programs help educate the kids to abstain from sexual relations until they get married and have a stable life. Moreover, it teaches the health problems associated with sex and the psychological effects. However, it also explains the importance of using the contraceptives and condoms. They help debar the sexually transmitted diseases and undesirable pregnancies. The education also helps the students enhance the quality of their relationships and develop good decision-making skills in any situation (Silva, 2002).

In conclusion, the sex education is highly relevant to the lives of the young people who the society needs to depend on in the future. The parents should support it and also teach their children while they are at home. It will improve the lives of the children and make them better persons in the future.