Sociological Researching

Here you’ll find many useful advices on how to conduct and write a research on sociology

Are You Truly Open To Love

Have you ever tried to set up a friend on a date, just for them to refuse because of something that seemed trivial to you? “They’re too short,” she might have said, or, “She’s older than I’m comfortable with,” he might have responded. For many people, cutting off a potential relationship before it can begin […]

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Age cohort

Age cohort a collection of people, the social relationship between them is based on the temporal coincidence of significant events (year of birth, the year of graduation, years of marriage, etc.). The concept of cohort introduced in the late 1940s. PK Whelpton (1893-1964) (Whelpton, 1954), is widespread in the demographics, where it is associated with the notion of a demographic event (an event that happens to the individual person, having a value for thechange of generations of people, changes in population size and structure couples and […]

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Biographical method

Biographical method (English biographical approach, biographical perspective.) – A methodological approach based on sociological paradigms and sociological nominalism constructivism. Is a method of measuring and evaluating the life stories told or reported evidence of life from the standpoint of those who lived this life (Christmas, 2012: 5). Includes a set of data collection methods (narrative […]

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Thesaurus concept of socialization (part 2)

These procedures have now been responded within the monographs (Lukow, 2006, 2009; V’s related parts. In addition, posts (Kovalev, Lukow, 2012) and required the shape of database speculation of socialization, including four assumptions: Personal database constructed within procedure for database constructions’ weather, T. ELIZABETH. The in-patient thesauri, nevertheless real they might be, in a particular […]

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Thesaurus concept of socialization (part 1)

Database idea of socialization – some propositions that are theoretical comprising meaning of socialization like a socio cultural procedure and outcomes about the foundation of its evaluation of the database strategy that is methodological. The fundamental procedures, which have now been, submit base, the improvement of the strategy. A. Vl. A. bows at the start […]

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How to write a sociology paper

This post introduces one to the amazing world of creating sociology. You are in need of a strong knowledge of the premises and expectations of the subject before you compose a defined and clear sociology papers. You must understand the way, your crowd the universe is viewed by them as well as the way in […]

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Sociological Research Writing Guidelines

In our opinion, the most accurate definition of sociological research – a tool of the sociological study of social phenomena in their particular state using the methods for the quantitative and qualitative collection, measurement, compilation, analysis of sociological information. Case Study begins with the research and development program is carried out in full compliance with […]

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