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Avid Home Gardeners Growing Delicious Produce

According to the National Gardening Association’s 2009 Impact of Home and Community Gardening In America report, 7 million more households are participating in home vegetable gardening, as well as fruit, herbs and berry cultivation this year, compared to last. This means that 37% of all US households are doing some of their own food production. […]

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Side Effects of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is becoming more common, and procedures that are designed to restore the normal appearance of a man who suffered from injuries, have been used for other purposes. Although technically plastic surgery refers to any surgery, dealing with natural problems or injuries in the past, the term has become almost synonymous with aesthetic surgery operations such as nose […]

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Education of Adult Students

About 25% of students in the UK are mature students and, despite rising tuition fees, many universities are seeing a very high level of application of this age group. Many who choose to study at a mature age are guided by the desire to change careers and take other directions in self-improvement. Some of them […]

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Arguments against and for keeping animals in zoos

To keep or not to maintain animals in a zoo which both animal rights activists and zookeepers is debate. The sides for and from the issue present arguments to strengthen their own case. Here, we look at the things, which can be put forward from the side. As in the case of people, animals are […]

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Symbolic space method (Part 2)

Research can be conducted in a single step. In this case, the researcher immediately limits the number of pictures (25 pictures). The findings on the election (by the numbers pictures) are estimated separately for selected types and in general on the basis of the frequency characteristics. Specifically examines the nature of choice with the introduction of optimization Pareto problem, if the research is conducted in two stages. Frequency allows you to group respondents to identify the typical differences. Extras are calculated by weighting coefficients obtained on the basis of the distribution […]

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Symbolic space method (Part 1)

Symbolic space method a way to study pictures of the world that comes from the fact that the socio-cultural processes characteristic of both verbal and on-verbal education. Designed Shaft. A. Onion to study intergenerational socio-cultural differences. Apply VE Malamud in the study of school computerization of intergenerational influence on the socio-cultural differences (Lukow, Melamud, 1998). Character space method sets the social types based on a holistic (syncretic) reaction to the images that have symbolic […]

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Virtue (in theology, sociology) – ontological foundation of values. The Orthodox Encyclopedia virtue is defined as “a social philosophical-theological category, indicating the value and important aspect of spiritual and moral perfection of man.” “The term” virtue “is the blueprint of the Greek« καλοποιΐα »or ἀΥαθοερΥία, ἀΥαθοποιΐα, ἀΥαθοποίησις. Virtue in its moral and soteriological significance of […]

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Analysis of the world’s youth paintings

Analysis of the paintings the world’s youth – methodical means of identifying common in youth communities thesauri, the core of which is determined is influenced by socialization and self-picture of the world. The scientific school of sociology of youth Moscow Humanitarian University formed approaches to fixing the paintings the world’s youth, in particular using the […]

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Social economy

Social economy (in sociology, economics) – the social field, the implementation of the social model of the formation of the labor force. Social economy puts its premises relationship between economic and social sphere of public relations and world economic relations, identifying the criteria of modern economic space and defining the relationship of concepts of social […]

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