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How to Compose a Review of Literature

Composing the review You have to decide what you should read at first. In the majority of cases, instructors or scientific supervisors will direct you towards aspects of important publications. Assure yourself that the given help is used by you when writing online reviews. With such papers as tractates and doctoral dissertations, it is up […]

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Socialization of youth (Part 4)

Sociology also examines the problems and deviations of the norm socialization. In general, the rate of socialization appears the result of a public mechanism of reproduction of the social nature of man (Kovalev, Lukow, 1999, 2012). Socialization rate is determined: first, as a result of successful socialization, which allows individuals to reproduce social relations, social relations and cultural values of the society and to ensure their further development; secondly, as a multi-dimensional model of human socialization, taking into account his age and individual psychological characteristics; Thirdly, as a well-established set of rules in society transmission of social norms and cultural values from generation to generation. Socialization rate is closely linked to the social norm, but not reducible to it. The essence of the distinction is to assign one or the other rules: the social norm […]

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Socialization of youth (Part 3)

In Soviet times, a long time dominated the critical attitude to the analysis of formation and development of the personality from the perspective of socialization. In the scientific literature widely used terms “personality development”, “communist education”, “full and harmonious development of personality.” Since 1960-ies. Socialization of topics included in the problem field of domestic researchers. A significant contribution to the development of conceptual approaches to the study of socialization made GM Andreeva, Kon Andreeva et al identified three main areas in which the socialization:. […]

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Socialization of youth (Part 2)

Ideas F. Giddings of the determining role of social coercion formed the basis of his theory of socialization as a “fusion of different elements of the most diverse populations in the homogeneous type» (Giddings, 1897). From his point of view in a society, there are two main types of forces, referred to as «volitional process» and the forces of “artificial selection for a conscious choice.” Giddings believed that a person could not live in itself, to die with the individual life. For […]

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Socialization of youth (Part 1)

Youth Socialization a two-way process of a permanent transfer of the Company, and the development of the individual, age-related to youth, social norms, cultural values and patterns of behavior that allows a young man to function in a given society. The specificity of youth socialization is related to its age characteristics. Youth Socialization includes the completion of primary and secondary socialization beginning stages. A feature of primary socialization is the initial development of the individual of the world through the “understanding of the other” (in the Weberian interpretation). The individual “absorbs” a common value in the process of communicating with important for him by other people while being guided by them. At this stage, there is no choice of significant others; parents, family belongs to the leading role […]

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Diverse assignments of various kinds may turn out to be a frustrating experience for dyslexic kids and their moms and dads on a daily basis. Below are some guidelines that can be useful when writing homework task. Setting up a regime Organize a daily homework regime. It has to be flexible in order to give […]

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