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Almond oil It’s uses and miracles

Almond oil, which is extracted from dried almonds, has a huge number of useful properties. It makes the skin supple, hair – obedient, and take care of your health. In addition, it works wonderfully with damaged skin, helping it to recover quickly and completely. As almond oil is rich in vitamin E, copper, magnesium, and essential […]

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Simple Tips to Lose Weight from Hips and thighs

Too many women believe that all calories ingested with food is nowhere else, but it is on the hips. Indeed most of the fat accumulates in the first place there. How to lose weight from hips and find harmony with your body? Genetic heritage Before menopause a woman’s body stores fat on the hips, this is […]

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Calorie Intake Per Day – How Many Calories to Take in a Day

What is a calorie Calories – a measure of the energy supplied into the body. One calorie is enough for heating one milliliter of water to one degree Centigrade. But this is a very small quantity, so the calculation is generally carried out in kilocalories (1 kilocalorie = 1000 calories). Body energy is required for […]

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Searching For A Writing Service

Now it is not uncommon to find someone who “does my school job” to be stuck with a concrete company. If you are trying to find a professional or an agency, it is extremely important for you to know how many pages a journal should consider for your file as soon as possible. It should […]

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The Importance of University Assignments

Being a portion of associations, it is not difficult to find a development of the writing services industry. The students have a tendency to hotel to those services. Graduates and even the undergraduates more than 25 are busy with families, their job and also, usually. The students and lacking experience do not have the control […]

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The trajectory of socialization

The trajectory of socialization specific to individual set of directional characteristics, speed and efficiency of its process of socialization. Socialization trajectory is an integral indicator of the nature of socialization, reflecting its objective and subjective sides. Orbital model of socialization can be viewed in several sections (1) the impact of the external environment as a set of organized and spontaneous actions of institutions and agents of socialization; (2) subjectivity as a conscious independent action of the individual by building up his personality; (3) the disposition of the individual system its concept of life and values, as well […]

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Thesaurus concept of socialization (part 1)

Database idea of socialization – some propositions that are theoretical comprising meaning of socialization like a socio cultural procedure and outcomes about the foundation of its evaluation of the database strategy that is methodological. The fundamental procedures, which have now been, submit base, the improvement of the strategy. A. Vl. A. bows at the start […]

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Youth Subcultures F. Tenbruck concept (part 2)

Tenbruck formulates five positions that characterize the overall situation of today’s youth: Phase youth age excessively extended in modern society compared to traditional society, so that the stay in this phase for a man today is an essential part of his life. In all societies there is a “radicalization of youth age phase” with a […]

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Youth Subcultures F. Tenbruck concept (part 1)

Youth Subcultures F. Tenbruck concept – one of the most widely recognized in the theoretical concepts of sociology of youth, launched in the early 1960s. German sociologist Friedrich Tenbruck (1919-1994). To the development of youth Tenbruck theory led acquaintance with the book G. Shelskogo “skeptical generation” (Criticism of bourgeois theories of Youth 1976: 86). Youth […]

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