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Can you wear sunglasses on top of glasses?

You are limited to sunglasses that fit over top of your prescription lenses, or wearing outdated clip-on sunglasses on your existing frames. So if you are still wearing sunglasses over prescription glasses, then it is time to opt for a new pair of prescription sunglasses like so many people are doing.

What is fit over sunglasses?

Fit-over sunglasses are exactly what their name implies: They are sunglasses that fit right over your regular prescription glasses.

Can you wear fit over sunglasses by themselves?

Wear alone or over glasses for an affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses. Choose from a variety of frame styles and lens types including night driving and blue light lenses for stylish and affordable sun protection.

How can a person with spectacles wear sunglasses?

There are a few options for people who use spectacles to protect their eyes from UV rays:

  1. Sunglasses over spectacles.
  2. Sunglasses with power lenses.
  3. Clip on glasses.
  4. Fit-over sunglasses.
  5. Photochromic lenses.

What is a fit over?

An attachment holding an auxiliary lens or lenses (an add, a prism or a tint) in front of spectacles by spring action. There are many (albeit similar) types of clips that fit over one lens of a pair of spectacles (e.g. Bernell clip, Bommarito clip, Halberg clip, Jannelli clip). clip-on; fit-over; trial lens clip.

How do Fitover sunglasses work?

Your lenses are the centerpiece of the fitover. The front lenses should block 100 percent UVA and UVB rays and be 100 percent polarized to eliminate glare. The side lenses should have the exact same tint and transmission ratio as the front lenses for a more stable environment for your eyes.

How do you take prescription sunglasses?

Always store your glasses or contact lenses in your carry on luggage. It will be significantly more stressful if you rely on the airlines to get you your bag quickly. Instead, bring a pair of glasses or extra contacts so you can be able to see no matter what gets lost.

Is it bad to wear prescription sunglasses all the time?

Answer: Once you start wearing your prescription glasses, you may find that your vision is so much clearer that you want to wear them all the time. If you are comfortable, then there is absolutely no reason why you can’t wear your glasses as much as you want.

How do you measure for fitting sunglasses?

Product Description

  1. Measure the full width of your glasses across the top.
  2. Measure the full height of your glasses top to bottom.
  3. This will give you a guide of what size fit over sunglasses you will need.
  4. Your frames should measure a little smaller than the Over the Glasses Sunglasses you select.

Can I wear prescription sunglasses all the time?

Who are the makers of fit over sunglasses?

What are Fit Over Sunglasses? Fitovers are sunglasses designed to “ fitover ” your prescription eye wear and is a style of sunglasses that originated with Jonathan Paul ® in Australia over 25 years ago.

What makes the cocoons polarized fitover sunglasses unique?

World famous, the Cocoons polarized fitovers collection features a host of unique design elements not found in any other fitover sunglasses.

What kind of sunglasses can I wear over my glasses?

We offer many different styles of sunglasses that are to be worn over your prescription glasses, from extra large frames like our Aviator or Allure Fitover to our Extra Small Fitovers—like the Choopa ! (Read More: How Jonathan Paul Fitover Sunglasses Compare to Prescription Sunglass, Clip-Ons & Photochromic Lenses)

What kind of polarizing lens does Jonathan Paul fitover use?

From extra small to extra large, Jonathan Paul Fitovers has the most options of premium sunglasses designed to seamlessly fit over prescription eyewear. Polarvation® Microns-thin, Super-efficient Polarizing Element in the Lens.