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Can you visit the ruins of Tenochtitlan?

The temple was almost completely destroyed by the Spanish, but major excavations from 1978 to 1982 revealed great sections of the site, allowing visitors to explore the ruins through a series of walkways. The entrance fee also includes a large museum with an impressive collection of Tenochtitlán era artefacts.

Are there any Aztec ruins in Mexico City?

The Aztec ruins of Templo Mayor are located in the northeast corner of the Zócalo (main square) in the heart of Mexico City. The closest metro stop is Zócalo. Templo Mayor in the heart of Mexico City was once part of the largest city in the Aztec empire.

What Aztec cities are still around today and are now tourist attractions?

10 Aztec Structures And Sites You Can Visit In Mexico Today (5…

  1. 1 The Wonderful Calakmul Is Near The Guatemalan Border.
  2. 2 Bring Your Climbing Shoes To Coba.
  3. 3 A Gem In The Jungle: The Mayan Palenque.
  4. 4 You’ll Get Views And History At Monte Albán.
  5. 5 Chichen Itza Will Leave You In Awe.
  6. 6 The Mysteries Of El Tepozteco.

Where is Tenochtitlan now?

Mexico City
Tenochtitlán, ancient capital of the Aztec empire. Located at the site of modern Mexico City, it was founded c. 1325 in the marshes of Lake Texcoco.

Can tourists visit temple ruins in Mexico?

There are some ancient ruins to visit in Mexico. Tourists are not allowed to visit temple ruins. Although Mexico is bordered by ocean on two sides, there is only one beach that tourists are allowed to visit.

Are the ruins open in Mexico?

The Tulum ruins are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, seven days a week. As it is a popular tourist attraction, the ruins do get busy with around 2,000 visitors each day. The best time of the day to visit the Mayan ruins is around opening time. This is typically the prime time to explore with fewer crowds.

Is it safe to visit the Mayan ruins in Mexico?

Major ruin sites such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Tikal do have security, are open only to those who have payed the fee and are nowhere near as dangerous as some of the large cities, but wise visitors still take simple precautions to reduce the chance of theft spoiling their trip.

Where are the most famous Aztec ruins in Mexico?

Here’s our guide. Teotihuacán, State of Mexico. Undeniably the best known of the Aztec ruins is Teotihuacán. Located just outside of central Mexico City, in the surrounding State of Mexico, this archaeological site features the two iconic and towering pyramids, known as the Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun respectively.

What can you do at the Aztec ruins?

Today you can follow their ancient passageways to a distant time. Explore a 900-year old ancestral Pueblo Great House of over 400 masonry rooms. Look up and see original timbers holding up the roof. Search for the fingerprints of ancient workers in the mortar. Listen for an echo of ritual drums in the reconstructed Great Kiva.

How old are the walls of the Aztec ruins?

Aztec Ruins National Monument is a stunningly well-preserved example of ancestral Pueblo architecture, artifacts, and culture. In addition to original masonry walls towering three stories tall, a number of 900-year old wooden roofs are still intact.

How long is the tour of the Aztec ruins?

On the half-mile self-guided tour, visitors have the opportunity to walk through many original rooms. A reconstructed Great Kiva sits in the center of the plaza and provides insight into the ceremonial lives of the ancient people.