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Can you snorkel at Hanauma Bay for free?

Admission and Park Hours There is a $12 per person park entrance fee for non-resident visitors or $7.50 for residents 13 years of age and older. Admission is free for children up to 12 years of age, active military, and Hawaiian residents w/ proper ID.

Is Hanauma Bay good for snorkeling?

Hanauma Bay is a very safe place to go snorkeling and lifeguards are on duty year round, but during rough water conditions some areas should be avoided.

Can I bring my own snorkel gear to Hanauma Bay?

You can bring your own snorkeling gear to Hanauma Bay, or you can rent it for the day from a little hut near the restrooms. I decided to rent the equipment, which cost $12 for everything – mask, snorkel and fins (note: the price in 2017 is now up to $20 to rent all the gear).

Why is Hanauma Bay closed?

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve was closed for 9 months due to COVID. Hanauma is the spectacular cove located inside a volcanic crater that is packed with fish and is just a 25-minute drive from Waikiki Beach. It is always one of the state’s primary snorkeling attractions for both visitors and residents.

How long can I snorkel at Hanauma Bay?

Usually a couple of hours is sufficient. There is a mandatory 9 minute video you have to watch and then get down to the bay and rent your gear before you even get into the water. Snorkeling can take as little as an hour or longer depending upon how much of the bay you explore.

Was Hanauma Bay a volcano?

Hanauma Bay is an incredible natural pool that has formed in a volcanic crater. The crater is evidence of a volcanic burst of activity on the island tens of thousands of years ago. These volcanic eruptions formed the crater on the sea floor, and waves from the ocean eventually filled the circular bay.

Can I swim at Hanauma Bay?

Named America’s best beach in 2004, Hanauma Bay is a longtime favorite among snorkelers and marine enthusiasts. It is home to over 450 kinds of tropical fish, many of which can only be found in Hawaii. Feeding, chasing or touching the fish and turtles is not allowed, but you can swim alongside them and take pictures.

Why is Hanauma Bay famous?

Hanauma Bay is the most popular area for snorkeling on the island of Oahu. The volcanic vents that formed Hanauma Crater opened on the sea floor. Upwelling magma vaporized the ocean water and steam explosions atomized the magma into fine ash.

Which is the best snorkeling company in Hawaii?

Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures is a local Hawaii snorkeling excursion and shuttle service company dedicated to helping you and your family enjoy Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve to the fullest. Remember, snorkeling Hawaii is fun and educational for young and old. No experience is necessary!

What kind of fish live in Hanauma Bay?

For more information, please check our FAQ page or call Hanauma Bay Snorkel Adventures at (808) 306-3393. [ Click here to meet more bay residents!] It is the official state fish of Hawaii. In its spare time, the reef-triggerfish likes to blow jets of water from its mouth. It is also known as the fish with a long nose.

When is Hanauma Bay closed to the public?

Entry into Hanauma Bay is based on theater show times (every 10 Minutes). Tram service between the upper & lower level is now included with your entry Hanauma Bay will now be closed every Monday & Tuesday. The NEW hours are from 6:45 am to 4:00 pm (5 days a week). NO entry after 2:00 pm will be allowed.

How many people can go to Hanauma Bay?

For questions regarding rentals or existing/future reservations, please give us a call at (808)306-3393. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED to enter the park and go down to the beach. A limited number of tickets are available for walk-in guests without internet. Only 720 guests will be allowed per day, which is 120 per hour.