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Can you modify an existing mortgage?

You can only get a loan modification through your current lender because they must consent to the terms. Some of the things a modification may adjust include: Loan term changes: If you’re having trouble making your monthly payments, your lender may modify your loan and extend your term.

How long does a loan modification last?

If you qualify, you’ll get a trial loan modification that generally lasts 3 months. As long as you pay the right amount by the due date during that period and there are no changes in your circumstances, it’s likely you’ll be approved for a modification within 45 days after the end of that period.

Do they run your credit for a loan modification?

Lenders will often report a loan modification to credit bureaus as a type of settlement or adjustment to the terms of the loan. In this case, your credit score could even improve, because your monthly payment would be reported as decreased. When negotiating a loan modification, ask your lender how they report it.

When to get help with a mortgage modification?

Homeowners who are facing financial hardship that makes it impossible to fulfill the mortgage contract should get in touch with their lender or servicer immediately, as they might be eligible for a loan modification. Typically, lenders will ask you to complete a loss mitigation form.

What happens if you change your mortgage payment?

By changing these conditions, the monthly mortgage payment is lowered to accommodate your financial situation, with a goal of keeping you in the house instead of foreclosure. Loan modification programs vary.

How can I modify my mortgage to avoid foreclosure?

Modifying your mortgage can help you avoid foreclosure by—either temporarily or permanently—adjusting the length of your loan, switching from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage, lowering the interest rate or all of the above. Unlike mortgage refinancing, loan modifications don’t replace your existing mortgage with a new one.

How is a loan modification different from a refinancing?

Unlike mortgage refinancing, loan modifications don’t replace your existing mortgage with a new one. Instead, they change the original loan.