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Can you jig for walleye?

Vertical Jigging: At times walleyes congregate on very specific spots. Vertical jigging presentations can range from aggressive, with heavy jigs, snapping lifts, and uninhibited loose-line drops that “pound” the bottom, to subtle jiggling of a hair jig just off the bottom.

What is snap jigging for walleye?

Snap jigging is contrary to ordinary, definitely against the walleye grain. It blends speed and erratic lure action to simultaneously cover water and force fish to respond to your lure.

Does jig head color matter for walleye?

Color doesn’t matter but if you’re jigging for walleyes I’d use anything with orange in it.

What Colours do walleye see best?

By inserting minute probes into the retinas, they’ve discovered that walleye see the colour orange best in clear, relatively shallow water. When conditions are darker, the fish see colours at the red end of the spectrum better. They also see the colour green, but not as well as orange or red.

What color lures do walleye like?

The most basic and most productive colors for targeting walleye are purple and green. These colors come in a variety of shades and can be used in a large range of depths. For sunny days, select bright or flashy purple or green, and for cloudy days try a solid, darker green or purple.

Does lure size matter?

Decreasing lure size usually has a minor effect on catch rates. In contrast, even minor increases above the size optimum can yield major decreases in catch rates. If your catch rate falls off after upsizing, you are beyond the preferred size.

How do you jig for walleye?

A key to jigging for walleye is to vary the type of technique are using to find one that attracts fish. One variation of the jigging technique is to jiggle or pound your jig. This technique involves very short, quick movements, raising and dropping your rod tip just an inch or two.

What size jig for walleye?

For most walleye, the 07 to 09 size generally works well, while the smaller sizes are good choices for smaller species. In addition to being an absolute magnet for walleye under the ice, these lures also work well for fishing during other times of the year. Versatile lure works well for vertical jigging and bottom bouncing.

What is the best way to fish for walleye?

Try a Bottom Bouncing Rig – An L-shaped bottom bouncing rig is a great way to fish for walleye. As you retrieve your line the rig will bounce up and down off the bottom. This is a great way to attract walleye and give them an opportunity to do a hard strike— just make sure you go slow and steady.

What size line for ice fishing walleye?

The horizontal side of the three way swivel attaches to a 12” fluorocarbon line tied directly to the hook and bait. Notice that the horizontal line is shorter than the vertical line; this will keep the bait off the ground. Another option is to use a 1/8 oz. jig head and hook the Emerald Shiner through the lips or head.