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Can you do Overdrill in stealth?

Overdrill-Vault will directly open when shortcut is closed. Don’t need to wait 2000s seem you’re in stealth and nothing to do.

Does Overdrill need to be on Deathwish?

Overdrill is enabled on Death Wish and above.

How long is Overdrill?

The Overdrill’s duration was reduced from 7200 seconds (2 hours) to 2000 seconds (33 minutes and 20 seconds). The secret masks and message in the Overvault were removed.

Can you do Overdrill with 3 players?

After the Thermal Drill is done, as well as the computer hack, proceed to the exterior pre-vault area with your three other comrade heisters. You must have all four teammates with you until the red light is flashing, and you can mount the two thousand second drill on a little door right above the money vault.

Can you activate Overdrill on overkill?

Overdrill. Vault hallway player positions Solve the PAYDAY secret on Overkill 145+ with any mask and gain access to the Overvault. You will have to have played the heist from the start. And now normal difficulty also can access the overvault!

How long does Overdrill take payday2?

The OVERDRILL takes 2000 seconds to finish on any difficulty but Overkill 145+, where it takes 7200 seconds. 2000 seconds is 33 minutes, while 7200 seconds is 2 hours.

Where is the manager in First World Bank?

Find the bank manager There are several locations where the manager can be: Behind the teller desk on the right side of the lobby. In the office by the drill area, left of the lobby. On the balcony overlooking the drill area.

Can you do Overdrill on lower difficulties?

Just read that overdrill can be achieved at any difficulty. “Structure built by barevipmaster. It is recommended that all heisters wear the Improved Combined Tactical Vest, one equip medkits, two equip ammo bags, and the fourth equip sentry guns.

Where to place the drill in First World Bank?

After you grab the drill, exit the server room, turn right, go straight, descend the stairs, and place the drill on the gate in the drill area. Someone should supervise the drill so that it’s restarted soon after it jams, and beware of snipers through the high window on the side.

Where to defend the vault in First World Bank?

Defend the vault while the thermite burns the floor for a few minutes. Unless you’re playing on Overkill 145+ difficulty, where Cloakers can come through the vents in the back, the closest enemy entry point is the elevators, so that room is a common area to hold out.

How to start the First World Bank Heist?

Start the heist when you’re next to him, take his keycard. You are lucky no one needed to make some copies before you start the robbery. Use the bank manager’s keycard to unlock the server room. Take the drill and a can of thermite behind the photocopy machine.

Where is the manager at First World Bank?

There are several locations where the manager can be: Behind the teller desk on the right side of the lobby In the office by the drill area, left of the lobby On the balcony overlooking the drill area On the front balcony overlooking the lobby On the balcony above the cafeteria, right of the lobby