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Can the sannin beat Madara?

4 STRONGER: Madara Uchiha Who Took On The Entire Shinobi Alliance. His powers were greater than the entire shinobi alliance put together and that is enough proof that he was more than capable of taking on and defeating the Legendary Sannin in battle.

Is the First Hokage stronger than Naruto?

Currently, Naruto is the Seventh Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. By the end of the series, Naruto is the strongest ninja in history. He has the six paths sage mode and he possesses an enormous amount of chakra. Hashirama doesn’t really have a chance against Naruto.

Is Kakashi a sannin?

Trivia. All three of the Sannin share the same blood type: B. Each of the Sannin has trained one member of Team Kakashi: Jiraiya has trained Naruto, Tsunade has trained Sakura, and Orochimaru has trained Sasuke. In the case of Mitsuki, his father was a Sannin.

Is obito stronger than hashirama?

Renowned as the God of Shinobi, there were only a few characters out there who could take him on in battle and defeat him and Obito Uchiha certainly is one of them. Hashirama got a taste of Obito’s strength first-hand during the War. In fact, Hashirama openly exclaimed that Obito Uchiha was far stronger than him.

Is Hashirama stronger than Tobirama?

10 CAN BEAT TOBIRAMA: HASHIRAMA SENJU The wood release alone made him unbeatable, but he had another amazing weapon in his arsenal: His sage mode. When both the abilities were used in conjunction, the outcome was lethal. Hashirama was clearly the superior of the two brothers.

Who is stronger Hashirama Senju or Madara Uchiha?

Madara Uchiha was the rival of Hashirama Senju and someone known to be nearly as strong as him. After his revival during the Fourth Great Ninja War, Madara surpassed Hashirama by quite a margin by becoming the Jinchūriki of the Ten-tails.

Who is the strongest shinobi of all time?

He became the First Hokage of the village, all thanks to his incredible strength and compassion. During his era, Hashirama Senju was known to be the strongest shinobi alive. He was even stronger than Madara, someone who defeated the Five Kage and even the Tailed Beasts with minimal effort.

Who is stronger, Naruto or the Sannin?

With the power of the Nine-Tails and Six Paths chakra at his disposal, Naruto became several times stronger than any other shinobi. In fact, his power surpasses that of the Five Kage from Naruto, which is proof enough that he is stronger than the Sannin as well.

Who is stronger, kakashi or the Sannin?

Kakashi’s strength pales in comparison to the Sannin put together. That’s not to say that he isn’t strong as even after losing his eye, he was worthy of being made the Hokage of the village after Tsunade Senju, until Naruto was ready.