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Can I make my own water slide decals?

Making your own custom waterslide logo is easy, but before you get started, you just want to make sure the image is the right size… Once you know the image is the right size, you can move on to printing it on the Decal Water Transfer Paper.

Is decal paper waterproof?

This high quality material is durable, waterproof, and has a removable adhesive. This material sticks great to any smooth, hard surface like glass, plastic, metal and more.

How do I make stickers waterproof after printing?

The final and easiest method is to simply place a clear laminating sheet over top of the sticker once it is printed and placed on the desired surface. They are applied just like a sticker, simply cut out the laminating sheet slightly larger than the sticker you are protecting, then peel off and place on!

Can I use a regular printer for waterslide decals?

If the paper is compatible with the printer, then you can use any printer. Usually inkjet printers are recommended for printing on waterslide decal paper. It provides you with better printing quality.

What can I use to make a slip and slide?

What You’ll Need for a Homemade Slip-and-Slide

  1. A 10-foot by 100-foot roll of heavy 6 mil plastic from the local hardware store or Amazon.
  2. One 10- to 12-foot long 2-by-4 board.
  3. Garden staples and/or tent stakes.
  4. Garden hose or lawn sprinkler.
  5. Bottle of baby shampoo.
  6. Optional: Drill, hammer, and a large pool noodle.

How to print waterslide decal on white paper?

Inkjet or laser printer (depending on the type of water slide paper) 3. clear aerosol acrylic decal fixative spray 4. hair dryer 5. scissors 6. bowl of warm water. 5. Print the image on the white decal paper then apply your clear aerosol acrylic decal fixative spray to the image.

When to use white decal paper for decals?

White decal paper is best used when applying decals to dark surfaces. You can use more contrast and brightness in your printer settings to make your image stand out more. Printable vinyl vs waterslide decals – what’s the difference?: Check out this amazing article we recently posted! 2.

How long does it take to spray waterslide decals?

It is highly recommended to spray AT LEAST 3 coats waiting around 1 hour between each coat. The fixative spray locks the water-soluble ink to the decal film, making your designs waterproof so that the ink is not dissolved when placing your decals into warm water to apply.

Is it possible to make your own decals?

Unfortunately, making your own decals using an inkjet printer has some limitations which you should be aware of. First, the majority of inkjet printers will not print the color white. Those that do are very expensive; printers use the white background of the paper as white color in the design.