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Can I get my records from Concentra?

Concentra HUB is a fully integrated, occupational health platform that provides 24/7 access to test results, authorizations, and reports. Users can view, print, or download pertinent information as quickly as it is entered into the system.

Where is Concentra headquarters?

Addison, Texas, United States

How long does it take to get results from Concentra?

24 to 48 hours
Drug test results typically take 24 to 48 hours, depending on the type of test being performed (e.g., urine, hair or DOT). If Concentra serves only as the collection site for your drug tests, then results will be reported to you directly from your selected lab/third-party administrator, and result times may vary.

How do I file a complaint against Concentra?

Complaints/concerns can also be provided directly to center leadership where you received services, or you can contact the HIPAA Hotline at 800-819-5571 to express your complaint/concern. For non-privacy related customer service matters, please contact the Concentra Customer Care line at 1-866-944-6046.

Is Concentra an urgent care?

Concentra has more than 1,000 affiliated physicians and 1,285 physical therapists. The company’s primary focuses are occupational health, physical therapy, and urgent care.

Are Concentra and US HealthWorks the same?

In 2018, Concentra® acquired U.S. HealthWorks, creating America’s largest and most experienced occupational health company. From 2018 to 2019, Concentra transitioned all U.S. HealthWorks clinics to the Concentra brand, systems, and processes.

How much is Concentra worth?

Humana, the nation’s sixth largest health insurer by membership, on Monday said it sold its subsidiary Concentra for $1.05 billion in cash to MJ Acquisition Corp., a joint venture between long-term acute hospital operator Select Medical Holdings and the private equity firm Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe.

How to contact the Privacy Office of Concentra?

For closed sites, please submit relevant form to the Privacy Office (email: [email protected] ); fax:214-775-4408; mail: 4714 Gettysburg Rd, Mechanicsburg PA 17055). Access Records Request — This form is used for the patient to request access to the patient’s own protected health information (PHI).

How can I visit a Concentra Medical Center?

Take a virtual tour of a Concentra medical center, sign in to your portal, access employer services, and find everything you need to ensure your employees get convenient, high-quality injury care. Step inside a Concentra medical center.

How to contact Concentra for HIPAA related issues?

For HIPAA-related issues or questions, please contact us at 800-819-5571. Before contacting us, please read the following statement about providing personal health and identification information: Federal and state privacy laws regarding protection of health information may prevent our response to some requests for information.

Where is the corporate headquarters of Concentra Corporation?

Corporate Headquarters 5080 Spectrum Drive, Suite 1200W Addison, TX 75001