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Can I get Foxtel broadband at my address?

Yes, as long as Foxtel is available at your new address. To check what Foxtel services are available at your address, get in touch with us.

Does Foxtel supply internet?

Foxtel’s Broadband Bundles offer a selection of great value options including 50GB, 100GB, 200GB and 500GB monthly data packages, with no peak or off peak data limit1. Foxtel Broadband subscribers will also have access to the Foxtel Hub, Foxtel’s new WiFi modem purpose built for internet and video streaming.

Who provides Foxtel nbn?

Foxtel offers its plans across the fixed-line National Broadband Network, though plans are not available on fixed wireless services. Foxtel for its ADSL plans also uses Telstra network infrastructure.

Can you get Foxtel through nbn?

Foxtel is now offering its best-ever value range of broadband, TV and home phone bundles, with access to the nbn™ network for FTTP serviceable customers, and via ADSL connections. …

Is Foxtel hub nbn ready?

Connecting your Foxtel WiFi modem If you stick around you’ll see a light sequence on the internet icon – flashing red, solid red, solid blue, flashing red, solid red and finally a continuous solid blue internet icon. Now your Foxtel nbn™ is ready.

Can I have Foxtel nbn without Foxtel?

Bundled Foxtel services, incl. TV and nbn™ from Foxtel, not available to all homes and must be connected at the same physical address. Residential subscribers and standard installs only. Australian use only….

About Foxtel Broadband Wifi modem
nbn™ from Foxtel New customers
Existing customers

Is Foxtel hub NBN ready?

What happens to Foxtel with NBN?

“Foxtel is moving to satellite only delivery for its broadcast subscribers while also significantly increasing its presence as a video streaming service. In the future, the NBN will fully manage the HFC network to deliver broadband services.

How do I connect NBN to Foxtel hub?

If your device supports WPS connection you can simply press the Connect WPS button on your Foxtel WiFi modem until it flashes blue, and then activate WPS mode on your chosen device (as shown in your device’s manual). The Foxtel WiFi modem and your device will automatically discover and connect to each other.

Does Foxtel broadband include home phone?

Does Foxtel provide home phone handsets? Foxtel does not provide home phone handsets, however all standard telephone equipment is compatible with Foxtel, so you can connect your home phone handset.

Is Foxtel hub a modem?

The Foxtel WiFi Modem is a modem and router that has been built and designed (in partnership with Netgear) specifically for Foxtel customers. The Foxtel WiFi Modem allows Foxtel Broadband customers to connect to the internet.

What happens to Foxtel with nbn?

Is the Foxtel ADSL service available on the NBN?

ADSL services delivered on one of Australia’s largest telecommunications networks and nbn™ FTTP services delivered over a network designed to provide Australians with all the benefits of fast# and reliable broadband Foxtel broadband, via select FTTP nbn™ serviceable locations+, is available from today.

Who is the Executive Director of Foxtel broadband?

“With today’s launch on the nbn™ network, we’re taking our broadband service to the next level,” said Andrew Lorken, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Broadband.

How much does it cost to get Foxtel broadband?

*Min cost $49-$133on direct debit for 1 month, depending on your TV package. Ongoing monthly cost after offer ends $124-$208. Offer applies to existing Foxtel TV customers adding a new Broadband service to a TV service. Offer ends 26/10/2021.

What kind of modem do I need for Foxtel?

The equipment you’ll need for Foxtel Broadband depends on your broadband type. For ADSL, you’ll need an active phone line and an ADSL modem. If you sign up to a Foxtel Broadband Bundle, we’ll provide you with a Foxtel WiFi Modem.