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Can I download Star Wars The Old Republic on mac?

Unfortunately SWTOR doesn’t run on any mac platform. Just use purchase Vista and partition a Windows drive, like I did. You’ll be up and running after that. There’s no Mac OS X version of SWTOR.

Is there a mac version of SWTOR?

A lack of a Mac version doesn’t mean SW: TOR can’t be played on Mac. It just means you’ll need Windows or another third-party tool. As you probably know, there are several ways to play Windows games on Mac. Bootcamp and Parallels are both straightforward methods.

How do I install Star Wars: The Old Republic on my Mac?

Download the Star Wars: The Old Republic installer. When on PlayOnMac menu, in the top bar, click Tools –> Manage Wine versions. In the Wine version (x86) tab, click on 2.20-staging, and then move it to the right side. PlayOnMac will proceed to download that Wine version.

Can a Macbook Air Run Star Wars: The Old Republic?

STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Macbook Air Runs Swtor Superbly No bootcamp.

Can you play SWTOR on Macbook Air?

Can you run SWTOR on a Macbook Pro?

Yes, but he should be using bootcamp to run it. He should also be concerned with heat as they have very poor ventilation (unless it has changed in the past couple of years). I’ve had mine overheat to the point where it shuts itself down while playing games.

How do I download Star Wars The Old Republic?

Please go to, download the latest launcher setup file and run the setup over the current installation.

Can Star Wars The Old Republic be played on Mac?

Star Wars the Old Republic for mac is the same game that is supported for the PC, but is now compatible with Mac OS systems.

Does Star Wars The Old Republic have single player?

If you prefer playing alone, Star Wars: The Old Republic’s main class stories are ideal for solo players , and the later story expansions are specifically built with solo players in mind. Do you need to know about Star Wars? If you’re a new player who’s trying to decide if the game is worth playing, let’s first go over the cost of the game.

What are the requirements for Star Wars The Old Republic?

Here are the Star Wars : The Old Republic system requirements (minimum) CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better, Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0 GHz or better CPU SPEED: Info RAM: Windows XP: 1.5 GB, Windows Vista and Windows 7: 2GB, PCs using a built-in graphic chipset: 2 GB OS: Windows XP ( Service Pack 3 ), Vista, 7