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Can Green Lantern defeat Galactus?

8 DEFEAT: GREEN LANTERNS Green Lanterns are some of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. Although it’s almost guaranteed that one Green Lantern alone would not be able to stop Galactus’ incursion into Earth, an army of Lanterns may have a better chance.

Who is Green Lantern stronger than?

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Green Lantern, John Stewart’s true power is teased, and he may be stronger than even the Man of Steel. Superman is faster than the speed of thought.

Who has the strongest will power Green Lantern?

Hal Jordan: How the Green Lantern Evolved Into DC’s Most Powerful Hero. With unmatched willpower, Hal Jordan is DC’s strongest Green Lantern, but his most powerful form saw him don the emerald costume of another DC hero.

Can a sentry defeat Galactus?

Spider-Man emphasizes Sentry’s strength and powers by revealing once fought Galactus “to a standstill.” It’s no surprise Sentry took on Galactus and survived the ordeal. After all, he was originally created to be the most overpowered and strong superhero in existence.

Is Superman stronger than Galactus?

If we would compare Galactus with Superman, it’s unfair, as Galactus is a whole universe before the big bang theory, and he wields power cosmic, which Superman can’t withstand. Moreover, Galactus gave the Silver Surfer his skills, with just a little bit of power cosmic, which is enough to beat Superman for good.

How physically strong is Hal Jordan?

Powers and Abilities Although he no longer trains his body as a lantern, he remains in top physical condition, Enhanced Strength: Hal has proven himself to be a very strong human without the use of his ring. He is able to knock the heads of many of his opponents with his bare fists.

Is Hal Jordan a white lantern?

Kyle Rayner of Sector 2814 – After mastering the seven colors of the emotional spectrum into his own ring, Kyle created the white light and became a White Lantern. The only other person who the ring found suitable is Hal Jordan.

Who does Galactus fear?

Galactus Afraid He is the All-father, and he has full command and control of the Odinforce. Using his newfound power, he tosses his hammer through all Ten Realms that are connected through Yggdrasil, The World Tree, defeating a threat that even the Avengers can’t handle in a single strike.