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Can Brightside prescribe Xanax?

Brightside offers effective treatment with nonaddictive medications like SSRIs and SNRIs. We do not prescribe controlled substances like Xanax, Klonopin, or Ativan.

Does Brightside prescribe benzodiazepines?

Brightside does not prescribe controlled substances, like benzodiazepines or stimulants. However, that being said, Brightside still has way more options than most telehealth brands. This means that every customer is able to receive medication that fits their unique condition.

Is there an app for Brightside?

Love, good deeds, positivity and humor are what drives us. Install our app now to see the Bright Side every single day.

What is Project Bright?

Project Bright is an initiative that aims to increase the amount of solar energy generated at Yale. Through a research installation and building assessments, we are investigating the potential of various solar technologies for Yale’s campus, combining this with considerations of economic implications.

Does Brightside do ADHD?

Our providers do not treat, and do not prescribe for adhd. If any of these describe you, it’s best for you to be seen by a provider in person so you can get the care that’s right for you.

Does Brightside treat bipolar?

Our providers at Brightside prescribe lamotrigine to decrease extreme mood changes if you have bipolar disorder and your mood swings are mostly stabilized. It’s not used to treat the actual severe manic or depressive episodes—it’s usually taken in addition to other medications that treat bipolar disorder symptoms.

Does Brightside treat ADHD?

Why is Brightside giving money?

Our mission is simple We’re building Brightside to give you better ways to deal with money. To help you build financial habits (like saving regularly and spending responsibly) that remove money as a stress point in your life.

Does Brightside treat OCD?

Medication. Antidepressants are shown to be effective in treating the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. At Brightside, we use your data and research to find the right medication for you.

Why do psychiatrists prescribe Lamictal?

Lamotrigine delays the time between mood changes and manic or depressive states in people with bipolar disorder by decreasing the intensity of irregular electrical activity in the brain. People with bipolar disorder are at high risk of experiencing recurrent and relapsing episodes of mood change.

Can Brightside prescribe medication?

Brightside has an impressive roster of professionals who offer therapy and prescribe medication. Cost: Brightside charges $249 for the first month for the Therapy or Therapy + Medication plans, and then $299 and $349 a month, respectively.

Does Brightside help with bipolar?

Are there support groups at Bright Heart Health?

Bright Heart Health provides free support groups and family groups. Learn more about these events. Hear from other Bright Heart clients about their story, experiences, and surprises working with Bright Heart Health. “The staff at Bright Heart Health really care for the patients and it is clear that they work hard to provide the best care they can.”

How to get in touch with bright healthcare?

Call us now at 833-356-1182 with any questions! Or fill out this form and we will be in touch. By entering my phone number, I agree that Bright HealthCare and/or a sales agent may call me 8am – 8pm local time M-F, provide me with information about the plan, and answer any questions I may have.

Can you use HRA dollars on bright healthcare?

Now you can use HRA dollars from your employer on Individual & Family insurance from Bright HealthCare. You can purchase a Bright HealthCare plan directly or through your agent, outside of the ACA exchange. Life has changed a lot in the last year. Let’s get you covered!