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Can Batman beat the flash?

Pitting Batman against the Flash appears to be a fairly one-sided match at first. Despite his gadgets and his brilliant mind, the Dark Knight is still merely human. However, Batman is always prepared for virtually any contingency – including facing down the Fastest Man Alive.

Has Batman ever killed the flash?

9 REVERSE-FLASH We’re talking about an alternate reality storyline where Bruce’s parents never died, but Bruce did. In the events of Flashpoint Paradox, Batman got even more hands-on when he killed the Reverse-Flash by stabbing him through the back with a sword.

Can The Flash beat Superman?

But even without the speed drain trick, both Barry and Wally are still technically faster than Superman at their max velocity. The Speed Force pretty much allows the Flash-Family to outrun time itself, however, running too fast can also be lethal to them.

Is the flash in Batman v Superman?

Chief among them was the unexpected appearance of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, a.k.a. the Flash. The scarlet speedster made an appropriately brief appearance during a key moment in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, waking Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) from a nightmare to offer a warning about the future.

Who wins Batman vs Flash?

“Flash Fact.” Batman is victorious. Nerds on Earth readers selected Batman to be victorious as well, with over 65% of reader votes selecting the Caped Crusader to best the Scarlet Speedster. Batman advances to the next round, and the stakes are raised.

How would Batman remove flash?

Flash- The Flash’s speed and healing ability make him a difficult opponent for anyone. The key to beating him is a specially designed “vibra-bullet” that would strike the Flash in the back of the neck, causing him to experience seizures at light speed.

Who can defeat flash?

Here are 5 Marvel heroes the Flash would defeat and 5 he would lose against.

  1. 1 Would Beat: Spider-Man.
  2. 2 Would Lose To: Doctor Strange.
  3. 3 Would Beat: Captain America.
  4. 4 Would Lose To: Silver Surfer.
  5. 5 Would Beat: Black Panther.
  6. 6 Would Lose To: Jean Grey.
  7. 7 Would Beat: Daredevil.
  8. 8 Would Lose To: Captain Marvel.

What does Flash say to Batman?

In Batman v Superman, this “dream” takes place just as Bruce Wayne gets a visit from Ezra Miller’s Flash, who is using his hyper-speed abilities to deliver a warning from this future: “Bruce, listen to me now! It’s Lois! Lois Lane,” he says. “She’s the key.”

Could Batman beat Flash in a race?

batman cannot do anything to Flash himself (its not a fight), but he can affect the racing environment to hinder Flash or to aid himself. Same goes for flash himself

Could Batman beat the Flash?

Flash would beat Batman in a race, easily. However, if Batman has prep, he could arguably slow down Flash beforehand. This is cheating, but given the OP’s conditions, Batman cheating is always how he works, so its fine.

Who is the Flash Batman?

The Flash (alias Barry Allen) is a DC Universe Super Heroes minifigure who first appeared as a character in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and LEGO Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite. He was physically released in 2014, and was released again in the first wave of 2015 DC Universe.

Is the Flash in Batman v Superman?

However, any appearance by the Flash in Batman v Superman has yet to be explicitly confirmed. Rumors of the character’s involvement in the plot have ranged from small supporting role to no more than a fittingly quick cameo. A report from Heroic Hollywood stated that the Flash would only be visible as “a blur that stops a robbery.”.