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Can a creditor reopen a closed bankruptcy case?

You, the trustee, or a creditor can ask the court to reopen your bankruptcy case after your case has been closed. If you successfully complete your bankruptcy case, you will receive a discharge that wipes out your personal liability for most types of debt.

Is my Chapter 7 bankruptcy closed?

Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is closed when the court issues an order closing it. If you have no nonexempt assets for the bankruptcy trustee to sell, your case will be closed shortly after you receive your discharge notice—usually about four months after you file your petition.

Can bankruptcy trustee take assets after discharge?

Unless the Trustee has formally abandoned (given back) assets to the debtor prior, they belong to the Trustee until the bankruptcy case is CLOSED, which occurs after the discharge is entered. Assets remain the property of the Trustee in a Chapter 7 case until the case is closed.

How long can a bankruptcy case remain open?

For most filers, a Chapter 7 case will end when you receive your discharge—the order that forgives qualified debt—about four to six months after filing the bankruptcy paperwork. Although most cases close after that, your case might remain open longer if you have property that you can’t protect (nonexempt assets).

Can I get a checking account After Chapter 7?

Yes, you can open a bank account while you are in a bankruptcy. There is nothing in the Bankruptcy Code or Court Rules that would prohibit a person filing a bankruptcy from opening an account. If you cannot get a checking account, you should be able to open a savings account.

Can a bankruptcy discharge be revoked?

If you commit fraud or don’t follow bankruptcy rules, the court can revoke your bankruptcy discharge and your debts won’t be wiped out. But if you’re not completely honest in your bankruptcy papers or fail to follow all the rules, the court can revoke your discharge even after closing your case.

How long can a trustee keep a bankruptcy open?

about four to six months
How long can Chapter 7 trustee keep case open? A. The Chapter 7 trustee can keep the case open for about four to six months after filing the bankruptcy papers. However, this does not end with discharge, but with the court’s final decree.

Does a bankruptcy trustee check bank accounts?

The bankruptcy trustee tasked with administering your case is temporarily in charge of all your assets for the duration of your bankruptcy, including your bank accounts, which are part of the bankruptcy estate. This means the bankruptcy trustee will look at your bank account balance on the filing date.

How old was Mount Beerwah when it was formed?

Andrew Petrie and John Petrie. Mount Beerwah is the highest of the ten volcanic plugs in the Glass House Mountains range, 22 km north of Caboolture in South East Queensland, Australia. It was formed 26 million years ago during the Oligocene Epoch of the Paleogene Period.

Is the Mount Beerwah trail open to the public?

As at 2019, Mount Beerwah along with Mount Tibrogargan, Ngungun and the rest of the mountains with tracks remain open with maintained walking trails with the exception of Mount Coonowrin (which was permanently closed to public access in March 1999 due to the high risk of rock falls that had previously killed and injured climbers).

Which is easier Mt Tibrogargan or Mt Beerwah?

Many walks are currently closed due to COVID-19. Please, The highest of the Glasshouse Mountains, the Mt Beerwah summit walk is slightly easier than Mt Tibrogargan but still quite challenging. It has extensive views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Glasshouse Mountains.

Why are Aboriginal people not climbing Mount Beerwah?

Aboriginal people do not climb these mountains out of spiritual respect to Jinibara and Kabi Kabi peoples. They ask that visitors refrain from climbing them for the same reason. PLEASE NOTE- February 2020 Due to the heavy rainfall, this track is currently CLOSED due to the risk of rock slippage.