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Are Wellcraft boats still made?

In 1982, Wellcraft purchased California Yachts from the Marshall Boat Company and in 1987 sold it back to them. In 2017, Groupe Beneteau acquired Rec Boat Holdings (Wellcraft, Four Winns, Scarab, and Glastron).

Who bought out Wellcraft?

Beneteau Buys Four Winns, Glastron, Wellcraft, and Scarab –

Is scarab made by Wellcraft?

Scarab is a brand of high performance power boats formerly owned by Wellcraft and currently by Rec Boat Holdings, a subsidiary of Groupe Beneteau. Wellcraft still makes a line of fishing boats which are currently known as Scarab Offshore. Scarab boats were popularly featured in the 1980s TV series Miami Vice.

Who makes Excalibur boats?

Burger Boat Company
Excalibur is a motor yacht with a length of 25.3m. The yacht’s builder is Burger Boat Company from United States who delivered superyacht Excalibur in 1967. The superyacht has a beam of 6.28m.

Where is Wellcraft boats built?

The Florida-based company builds Coastal sportfishing boats, Sportsman bowriders, and Scarab and Fisherman center-console fishing boats.

What boat was used in Baywatch?

The movie features action-packed cameos of MasterCraft X30 sport boats, and the company will celebrate its part in the film through a themed marketing and promotional campaign.

Where are Scarab boats manufactured?

“We construct Wellcraft which was previously built in Florida. Glastron is built by us. Four Winns remains here and now we have a new brand Scarab jet boats,” said Kelly Cater, Rec Boats Holdings human resources director. Each of the boats built in Cadillac at RBH are fiberglass and range from 16 to 47 ft.

What kind of boat did Sonny Crockett have?

Wellcraft SCARAB 38
James “Sonny” Crockett used a silver, blue and black 1986 Wellcraft SCARAB 38′ KV for any water-borne activities his job may require throughout the majority of Miami Vice’s run, usually pursuing criminals on Miami’s numerous waterways.

Where are Scarab boats built?

What boats are made in Cadillac Michigan?

Rec Boat Holdings in Cadillac builds everything from small fishing boats to cabin cruisers. “It’s a great place to work. As we always say: We’re building fun,” said Joe Perrin, the lamination manager. People who love boats are familiar with the name Four Winns.