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Are there otters at Slimbridge?

There are three North American River Otters at WWT Slimbridge, namely Mother Flo, and twins Minnie and Ha Ha. They have been part of the ‘Back from the Brink’ wetland area since the summer of 2009.

Are there otters in London?

But there’s another top predator back in town: the Eurasian otter. Discover facts about these mammals and their presence in urban areas including Sheffield, Birmingham and London. Otters are often elusive, with large ranges and nocturnal behaviour making spotting them a rare and wonderful experience.

Is Martin Mere still open?

We’re open 7 days a week, 364 days a year – there’s always something to see and do! The centre is open 9.30am to 4:30pm (last entry 3:30pm).

Is London Wetland Centre free?

Enjoy unlimited FREE access to London (plus our eight other Wetland Centres) by becoming a member.

Where do you find otters in the UK?

Their favourite habitats include wetlands, rivers and coastlines. Though still considered rare, the species is widespread in the UK and can be seen in almost every county. For the best chance of spotting an otter, head to Scotland, the west coast of Wales, East Anglia and South-West England.

Are there otters in the Thames?

In the 1930s, the Thames and its tributaries were home to the 4ft-long creatures. Now there are thought to be no more than 13 otters in the South-east. The otter is still found in the clean upper reaches of the Lea beyond Waltham Abbey in Hertfordshire and in Essex.

Who owns Martin Mere?

the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust
WWT Martin Mere is a wetland nature reserve and wildfowl collection managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Tarlscough, Burscough, Lancashire, England, on the West Lancashire Coastal Plain, 6 miles (10 km) from Ormskirk and 10 miles (16 km) from Southport (Merseyside).

Can I take my dog to Martin Mere?

Carers can visit Martin Mere for free. We welcome trained assisted dogs on site. There are 4 accessible toilets on site. There is a toilet in the main corridor of the building that also has a static bench.

Do you have to book to go to Slimbridge?

Members – there is no need to book. Please bring your membership card with you. If you’ve already booked, don’t worry there is nothing for you to do.

Why are wetlands important?

Wetlands are central life support systems in the natural environment, providing services like water filtration, unique habitat, spawning ground, and shoreline protection. Wetlands also protect coastal areas from being eroded, and provide sources of oxygen and water vapour to the atmosphere.

Where can I see wild otters in the UK?

Where to see otters in the UK

  • Bosherston Lakes in Pembrokeshire. Bosherston Lakes in Pembrokeshire is one of the most reliable places for seeing these mammals.
  • Earsham Wetland Centre.
  • Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s Otter Project.
  • Isle of Mull.

Do otters eat ducks UK?

Otters are among the most-protected creatures in the UK. Otters usually eat fish, eels, frogs, eggs and small birds and are also known to eat small mammals such as mice. But they are opportunists, and are known to capture bigger creatures such as ducks.