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Are there loan sharks in Singapore?

Nearly 300 people were arrested in September 2020 for loan shark activities. These illegal lenders are still around in Singapore!

Is it illegal to borrow money from a loan shark?

It’s illegal to lend money without a licence, but it’s not illegal to borrow money from a loan shark. You don’t have to pay the money back. If the money was lent illegally, the loan shark has no legal right to collect it and they can’t take you to court to get it back.

How much do loan sharks give?

Loan shark interest rates are extremely high, sometimes up to 300-400% interest on the loan. For example, if you were to obtain a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) of $40,000, you may be presented with a payment breakdown of $16,000 in interest and fees (aka a factor rate of 1.4).

How do I get rid of loan sharks in Singapore?

If a licensed moneylender is harassing you, you can contact the Registry of Moneylenders at 1800-2255-529. If you don’t want to call the police, you can file an online complaint here. Report as spam any phone number or e-mail that’s harassing you. Block the loan sharks immediately.

Do loan sharks still exist?

While loan sharks do exist, they rarely have anything to do with organized crime. Violence is seldom part of the business model. In reality, a loan shark is any person (or entity) who lends money at extremely high interest rates.

Is money lending illegal?

“Private money lending is illegal, the accused have been charged with multiple offences.” Taking advantage of absence of state-owned banks in the hinterland, private money lenders operate at their own will, charging abnormally high interest rates ranging from 75 to 350 per cent per month.

Why you should avoid loan sharks?

Reasons Employees Should Avoid Loan Sharks

  • High APR.
  • High penalty fees.
  • Short repayment term.
  • Stress and pressure.
  • Unethical practice to recover the debts.
  • Pressure to obtain a new loan.

Is loaning money illegal?

No state or federal law makes it illegal to lend money. While there are many laws that apply to institutional lenders and other businesses that loan money or provide loans or credit, you have the right to lend other people money as you wish. You can, for example, lend your sibling money to buy a new car.

Do loan sharks even make money?

A loan shark usually has lots of customers and lends money like a business, but their lending is illegal. Loan sharks often take other illegal action to collect the money they’ve lent you, such as threatening violence or taking away your credit cards or valuables.

Is it illegal to borrow money from a loan shark Singapore?

Commonly known as “ah longs” in Singapore or unlicensed moneylenders, a loan shark is a person or entity that lends fast and easy money at sky-high interest rates. Hence, dealing with a loan shark in Singapore is illegal.

What can I do with loan shark harassment?

Report Them To The Authorities If you feel you or anybody you know has worked with a loan shark, you can call the X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664. Alternatively, you can file a complaint with the Registry of Moneylenders at 1800-2255-529.

How do loan sharks work in Singapore?

Loan sharks in Singapore usually target people who are desperate to get a sum of money quickly but are unable to do so through banks. For example, they may have a bad credit rating and don’t qualify for bank loans. So they turn to borrow money from other sources, including loan sharks.

How to report a loan shark in Singapore?

Inform The Authorities And Cooperate Uncle Feng went to the police and reported the case of loan-shark harassment at a nearby neighbourhood police post. You can also call the police at 999 or the X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664 (1800-X-AH-LONG) to report the loan shark.

How do you get a loan from a loan shark?

You’ll then need to visit the outlet for a face-to-face verification, loan contract signing, and loan collection. On the other hand, unlicensed moneylenders, or loan sharks, approve your loan application through email, SMS, or phone call without any documentation.

What are the tactics used by loan sharks?

The tactics loan sharks employ include but are not limited to: Splashing paint and tagging your house with words like: ‘O$P$, how much you ‘owe’ them etc. Pouring industrial adhesive into your locks. Locking your gate with a chain lock. Sending flyers to your neighbour’s house to shame you about your debt.