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Are there any Amish communities in Mississippi?

RANDOLPH – A trip to Mississippi’s sole Amish community offers an abundance of homemade goods and farm-fresh produce but, perhaps even more fascinating, a rare glimpse into the past.

How many Amish live in Mississippi?

Amish Population 2021

State Amish Population 2018 Amish Population 2010
Mississippi 290 75
North Carolina 270 75
Arkansas 265 225
Wyoming 220

Are there Mennonites in Mississippi?

Today there are approximately 15,000 members worldwide. Mennonites of this conference began migrating to Mississippi in the early 1970s primarily from Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California.

What towns do the Amish live in?

Largest settlements

Settlement in State Estimated population (2020)
Holmes, Wayne, Coshocton and Stark counties area Ohio 36,955
Elkhart, LaGrange and Noble counties area Indiana 26,380
Geauga, Trumbull, Ashtabula and Portage counties area Ohio 18,820
Adams / Jay counties area Indiana 10,305

What county is Pontotoc MS?

Pontotoc County

When did the Amish come to Pontotoc County?

His parents were the first family who settled in Ethridge, in the 1940s, arriving from a now-extinct community in a different part of Mississippi. Then, in 1995, he was the one who came to Pontotoc County, buying a large tract of land which eventually became the heart of the settlement.

Where was the Amish settlement in Mississippi located?

The Randolph Amish settlement, in Pontotoc County in northeastern Mississippi, was founded in 1995 mainly by settlers from the Ethridge, Tennessee Amish community. The Randolph settlement is a very conservative Swartzentruber Amish affiliation.

Are there any Amish in the Deep South?

Mississippi is home to a single Amish community. The Deep South has seen only sporadic Amish settlement. Today, a single Amish community is found in Pontotoc County, Mississippi, near the town of Randolph. The Randolph group is the only existing Amish settlement in Mississippi, and in the entire Deep South region.

Where is the Amish Store in Meridian Mississippi?

It’s located along Highway 45 in Meridian. Because of its location on the Highway, it’s a popular stop for locals and tourists alike. Since opening seven years ago, the shop has had visitors from all over the country, including Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Michigan, and Missouri. Inside, there’s an undeniable general store vibe.