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Are the expansions for SWTOR free?

As of 2020, the first two expansions are free to all players. To unlock the other three expansions, all you have to do is subscribe once, and you will unlock all current and past expansions.

What is the max level in SWTOR?

The current max-level is level 70, and players who subscribe unlock these additional expansions: Rise of the Hutt Cartel (originally level 50-55) Shadow of Revan (originally level 55-60) Knights of the Fallen Empire (originally level 60-65)

Is it possible to hack Swtor?

A bot or hack for SWTOR will roughly cost between 5 to 20$ on a monthly basis. So the cheats, hacks, and bots do exist in SWTOR and are possible to use, with only one exclamation mark that you will need to know which and how to use them.

Can you use a mod on SWTOR without an addon?

EDIT: My questions have been answered so thanks again for the help guys! Nope: using any sort of mod is against SWTOR’s TOS. Using one can get you banned if they detect it. EDIT: For the DPS meter, the game allows you to export your combat log without an addon.

Are there any Buff screen flash addons for SWTOR?

SWTOR does not have addons like buff screen flash or the like but the best thing i have found is which contains different hud setups just D/L the one you want place in your C:\\Users\\< Username >\\AppData\\Local\\SWTOR\\swtor\\settings\\GUIProfiles then just load it from your interface editor its really helpful

Is it safe to use SWTOR on starparse?

Since the majority of the raiding community use Starparse and it doesn’t actually mod SWTOR, just uses the combat logs, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to use. Thanks! Exactly what I was looking for!

What kind of overlay does SWTOR use to see DPS?

I use Starparse – it has specific overlays which, if you use SWTOR in fullscreen windowed, means you can see your DPS as it parses.