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Are stamps from Czechoslovakia valuable?

As a dead country, its philatelic material is especially valuable as Czech Republic (due to its relatively young age) doesn’t have an opportunity yet to offer some old and scarce issues. So, Czechoslovakia produced many interesting stamps for collectors either for their rarity or their aesthetic merit.Shaw. 9, 1442 AH

What is Noyta CCCP?

Let’s explain them that “noyma cccp” means just “Почта СССР” or USSR Postal Service. This wording have to be present on all postage stamps of USSR (1923-1991).

How much is a George Washington 5 cent stamp worth?

george washington 5 cent stamp Value: $0.60 – $350.05 | MAVIN.

When was the last stamp issued in Czechoslovakia?

Definitive Czechoslovakia stamps of 1929 to 1939 comprise three different categories. The categories are coat-of-arms, prominent Czechoslovakians, and castles and landmarks. The seven low-denomination coat-of-arms type definitive Czechoslovakia stamps shown above were issued between 1929 and 1937.

Where was the 2K Hradcany at Prague stamp made?

2K Hradcany at Prague stamp, 1926 is one of the gems of Czechoslovakian philately. This definitive issue was released in 1926 and is engraved on paper with WMK 107. The design of this item is made in blue colour and features Hradcany at Prague – the Castle District that surrounds Prague Castle.

How much are 2k Blue Thomas Masaryk definitive stamps worth?

The unique pair of 2K blue Thomas G. Masaryk definitive stamps were sold for $7,857 by Burda in March, 2017. Chainbreaker 50h green, 1920 is a scarce imperforated stamp, exhibition item of Czechoslovak philately.

When did the Krivoklat Castle stamp come out?

3.50 K Krivoklat Castle stamp is a high-denomination castle and landmark type Czechoslovakian definitive issue that was presented on January 2, 1932. The item shows Krivoklat Castle – the central Bohemian castle that was founded by the Kings of Bohemia in the 12th Century.