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Are Regal boats good quality?

Regal is ranked highest in customer satisfation by both JD Power and Associates and the National Marine Manufaturers’ Association. These awards have become standard equipment on a Regal. For Regal, beauty is more that skin deep. Every boat from 1900 to 5260 goes through the same quality inspection process.

How much is a new Regal boat?

New Regal boats, $15,000 – $125,000 – Boat technical specs and model comparison – The Boat Guide.

Where are Regal boats built?

Orlando Florida
Today, Regal boats define state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and luxury. Their state of the art manufacturing center is located in Orlando Florida, the heart of boating country. As a family-owned, debt free company, Regal Boats are innovative, stylish and unique.

How much is the Regal 36 XO?

Pricing and Specs

Price: $468,290 (with test power)
Transom Deadrise: 16 degrees
Bridge Clearance: 10’11”
Max Cabin Headroom: 6’5″
Fuel Capacity: 200 gal.

Do Regal boats hold their value?

Pricing. Regal and Cobalt go toe-to-toe on pricing. Regal targets mid-tier customers with their pricing. However, the price of a Cobalt boat depreciates very slowly over time, meaning you’ll have a high resale or trade-in value on your boat later if you ever feel like upgrading.

How long does it take Regal to build a boat?

Smaller boats move from one work station to another every couple of hours. Yachts, which take six weeks to build, can stay in the same spot on the line for days, with workers moving about like bees buzzing around a big sugar cube. (The buzz in this case is mostly rock music emanating from boom boxes.)

Are Regal boats still made?

Regal has now surpassed fifty years of building family pleasure boats. For 2021, they are offering 36 models of runabouts, surf boats, FasDeck® deck boats, cuddies, cruisers, and yachts from 19 to 42 feet.

What is the biggest Regal boat?

Max Capacity

Length Overall 42′ 12.28 M
Beam 13′ 3.96 M
Fuel Capacity 258 Gal 977 L
Maximum Capacity Persons Yacht Certified CE 14
Approximate Dry Weight 24,700 Lbs 11,204 Kg

Are Regal boats still in business?

The projected economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has led leadership of Regal Boats to close its Valdosta, Georgia manufacturing facility and consolidate operations at its Orlando, Florida headquarters.

How much is the Regal 38 XO?

The Regal 38 XO has a price in the range of $525,000.

What kind of boat is the Regal Express?

A powerboat built by Regal, the Express is a express cruiser vessel. Regal Express boats are typically used for overnight-cruising, day-cruising and watersports. These boats were built with a fiberglass modified-vee; usually with an inboard-outboard and available in Gas. Got a specific Regal Express in mind?

What to expect on a regal 26 Express?

Experience grand adventure with the Regal 26 Express. Superior functionality joined with unparalleled comfort from top to bottom. With the unlimited versatility of the cockpit seating and a generous salon in the forward berth complete with an entertainment center and full-sized aft berth, this bold cruiser leaves out nothing.

What can I expect from a regal boat?

You can always expect the latest technology from Regal. Case in point: a standard silent flush electric head instead of vacuflush. Many cruisers feature a sink spigot that converts to a shower head, on this boat a separate shower head and sink faucet are standard. The amenities of home: a dedicated towel rack to dry your wet towels.

What kind of radio does the Regal have?

On a Regal you’ll find Deutsch connectors for superior protection and durability. Featuring a comfortable double berth, the mid-cabin is an efficient and spacious use of space below deck. The Fusion radio has full integration for your smart phone via Bluetooth and has AM/FM/ radio capabilities.