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Are polymer ar15 lowers any good?

The biggest question people have with polymer AR lowers isn’t usually the fit of the product, it’s the durability. If a polymer lower was going to fail, it would be there. While the recoil of a . 223 Rem/5.56 NATO is minimal, that part of the lower still bears a significant physical load.

Which is better polymer or aluminum?

Aluminum receivers are going to withstand wear and tear better than their polymer equivalents will. They have higher melting points, don’t warp or flex under pressure, and can be dropped without fear of cracks or chipping.

Do AR15 lowers matter?

No, combining upper and lower receivers of different brands will make no difference in accuracy whatsoever. On the other hand, the quality of your upper receiver certainly will.

Does AR 15 Lower matter?

Are polymer 80s legal to carry?

The ATF holds that a receiver or frame that is 80% complete or less is not subject to regulation as a firearm. Polymer 80 does in fact sell frames that are legally not a firearm.

Is Polymer 80 easy?

The Polymer 80 Glocks are very easy to build and the one I’m reviewing now was built with the included 80 lower jig, a Dremel, and a hand drill. It took me a few hours, and a little bit of sanding but now it runs like a champ. The Polymer 80 Glocks utilize Gen 3 parts, which are quite common and easy enough to find.

Can you put any upper on a lower?

Who makes the best 80% lowers?

Best 80% Lowers. 1. Anderson Manufacturing 80% Lower. Anderson Manufacturing is a huge name in AR parts so with this 80% lower, you can rest easy knowing you’re buying 2. 80% Arms Type III Hard Anodized Billet AR-15 80% Receiver. 3. James Madison Tactical Lower Gen 2. 4. Polymer80 G150 AR-15

Are polymer lowers any good?

Yes, polymer 80 lowers are quite good. Our customers have loved them for quite a few reasons: They’re more affordable than metal lowers and jigs. They’re easier to machine and build with. They’re capable of taking some real abuse, as any good AR should.

What is a complete lower AR?

A complete lower consists of a lower receiver, trigger, magazine release, bolt release, safety, trigger guard and associated pins and springs. It can be considered a complete lower whether or not it includes a buttstock.