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Are MK tips open?

The sites are open for essential visits only, so residents can dispose of harmful waste that cannot be stored at home safely. You should only bring waste that you are able to handle yourself as council staff are unable to assist at the current time.

How do I book a slot at MK tip?

A 15 minute slot can be booked by contacting Customer Services on 01908 252811 or booking online This is for essential visits only for waste that cannot be safely stored at home.

What can you take to Newport Pagnell tip?

Newport Pagnell Household Waste Recycling Centre

  1. aerosol spray cans, aluminium foil.
  2. asbestos (New Bradwell only)
  3. batteries, books, car batteries, cardboard, cooking oil.
  4. fire extinguishers (contents must be identifiable)
  5. fluorescent tubes, food and drink cartons.
  6. food tins and drinks cans, fridges and freezers.

Are Milton Keynes Council collecting green bins?

Green bin collections in Milton Keynes have resumed following month-long suspension. Food and garden waste collections have resumed in Milton Keynes today (18/8) following a month-long suspension.

Can soil be taken to the tip?

Most household waste recycling centres across the country will accept soil, but it’s worth bearing in mind that many now have charges and volume restrictions in place for DIY waste including soil, rubble, plasterboard and asbestos – so by taking your excess soil you may expect to incur some charges.

Can you take a mattress to Newport tip?

Large or heavy items, such as mattresses or fridges, cannot be taken on normal bin collection rounds. It is your responsibility to dispose of these bulky household items safely.

How do I get rid of garden waste Milton Keynes? If you live in a property with any garden, please put your garden waste into either your 140lt communal green wheeled bin or your own 23lt lockable bin. You can recycle any garden waste that will break down in the composting process.

How do I dispose of kitchen knives Milton Keynes?

How To Dispose Of Chefs Knives

  1. Wrap the knife heavily with paper, bubble wrap, cardboard or styrofoam.
  2. Use tape to secure the wrapping in place.
  3. If possible, use a cork on the tip of the blade for extra safety.
  4. Place the wrapped knives in a puncture-proof plastic or metal container.

Can a mattress go in a skip?

A mattress is one of the trickiest bulky household waste items to get rid of since you are not allowed to put it in a skip. If you decide to put your mattress in a skip, you will pay extra to cover the additional costs for the skip operator.

Where is Bleak Hall recycling centre in Milton Keynes?

Bleak Hall Recycling Centre is located at Chesney Wold, Milton Keynes MK6 1NE. Bleak Hall Tip is for use with residents from the local area only to dispose of their recyclable items or waste. Bleak Hall Dump is controlled by Milton Keynes Council waste management disposal services.

Where can I recycle rubbish in Bleak Hall?

Bleak Hall Recycling Centre is provided for householders to deposit and recycle household rubbish. Check opening times before setting off to site.

Where to drop off household waste in MK?

Household Waste Recycling Centres, also known as ‘the tip’ or ‘the dump’, are sites for MK residents to drop off large amounts of household rubbish and recycling. Our Newport Pagnell site also includes a Trade and Commercial Waste section.

Where can I recycle aerosol cans in Milton Keynes?

Bleak Hall Household Waste Recycling Centre Bleak Hall tip is owned and operated by Milton Keynes council, Bleak Hall Recycling Centre allows you to dispose of the following items here: aerosol spray cans, aluminium foil asbestos (New Bradwell only)