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Are Mio Amore and Monginis same?

The century-old brand Monginis is owned by Mumbai based Khorakiwalas and was introduced to Kolkata in 1992 by a local partner. But, owing to disputes, all of the 155 odd Monginis shops were rebranded as Mio Amore in 2015. Monginis boasts to have 650 stores and 16 manufacturing facilities across the country.

Who is owner of Mio Amore?

Arnab Basu
Arnab Basu, the owner of popular confectionery brands Mio Amore and Winkies died fighting cancer on Thursday.

Who is the current owner of Monginis?

Hussein Khorakiwala

Type Private company
Founder Hussein Khorakiwala
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra , Maharashtra, India
Number of locations 1000+ stores (2019)
Area served India Egypt

Which country made Mio Amore?

Mio Amore offers you possibly the widest range in Bakery and Confectionary wares in Eastern India and captivates you to fall in love with its wide array of mouthwatering items, freshly made – just as you like it.

How much does a monginis franchise cost?

Investment required for starting Monginis franchise is around 10 lakhs INR. Apart from this there is a security charge of around 1 lakh INR that one need to pay. The amount is refundable. INR 25,000 is the franchise fees and INR 25,000 is the architect’s fee, summing total of INR 50,000 that need to be paid at once.

Who is the CEO of Mio Amore?

Mr. Arnab Basu
The founder & director of Switz Foods Pvt Ltd(Mio Amore) Mr. Arnab Basu inaugurating the Kolkata Chapter of NRAI- National Restaurant Association of India along with other dignitaries.

How do I open my own cake shop?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to open a successful bakery business in India in 2021:

  1. Create A Bakery Business Plan.
  2. Choose A Location For Your Bakery Business.
  3. Get All Licenses Required To Open A Bakery Business In India.
  4. Get Manpower Required To Open A Bakery.
  5. Buy Equipment Needed To Start A Bakery Business.

Who is Hussein khorakiwala?

Hussein Khorakiwala is the Founder at Monginis .

Which language is mio amore?

Italian Language
How to Say My Love in the Italian Language. If you’d like to say “my love” to someone in Italian, you would say “amore mio”.

How can I get monginis dealership?

How do I start Mio Amore shop?

Firstly, the minimum area requirement for the outlet of Mio Amore should be more than 250 sq. ft. Along with the area requirement, the outlet also has to be on the ground floor and also at the central locality of a city, preferably a prime area.

Why was name of Indian cake shop Monginis changed to mio amore?

Monginis Kolkata was started by family friend of Khorakiwalas with their support. Subsequently there was small legal dispute which led to Kolkata outlets under the Basus change overnight to a different brand name Mio Amore and Monginis Mumbai agreeing not to open a new Monginis outlet in Kolkata for another 3 years.

How to open a franchise of mio amore?

To open up a Franchise of Mio Amore you can follow this link Open A Franchise which will directly take you to their Franchising opportunity page, where all the Mio Amore is the perfect bakery store for anyone who wants to have flavoursome savouries and sweets within budget.

What kind of Bakery is Monginis in India?

Monginis is an Indian Bakery based in Mumbai which sells cakes, pastries and other bakery related products to its customers. Due to its superior quality service and sweet cakes it has been growing in India rapidly.

Is the Monginis cake brand a good brand?

Monginis is a good brand and the quality of product is good. but you can enjoy the quality and taste in the party as far as business with monginis you will not enjoy. Margin on MRP benefit : flat 20% only. in 20% of Your Margin, you have to maintain all your maintainence and expenditure.