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Are Live Edge tables expensive?

Why Is Live Edge So Expensive? Live edge products are more expensive than regular cuts of wood because they are so unique and labor-intensive. They cannot be made in bulk since each slab is cut at the same length as the log.

How wide is a live edge dining table?

forty-two inches wide
A standard dining table is forty-two inches wide, where a live edge slab table could vary in width, based on the shape of the tree. It may be thirty-four inches wide on one end and forty inches wide on the other.

Are Live Edge tables durable?

Live Edge Tables are a Durable Choice Look for an option that is going to be strong and durable so that it will hold up over the years. Look for sustainability-sourced woods that will help you to have the table of your dreams.

Do Live Edge tables crack?

The second most common issue is a slab cracking. This can also usually be attributed to changes in humidity and temperature. This typically happens at the kiln or while the slab is air drying. However, it can happen once a table is mounted to a base.

How much do live edge slabs cost?

Unfinished live edge wood slabs average about $20 per board foot, for example, which is a wholesale price by current market standards.

Why is it called live edge wood?

A live edge slab maintains the natural beauty of the forest by preserving the tree in its circumferential entirety with the outer corners of the visible tree trunk. According to the name, live edge, the Native Spirit of the wood is kept “alive” and the edges of the tree are left untouched.

How long do live edge slabs need to dry?

A common sized unit is designed to dry around 2500 board foot of lumber in a batch of inch thick boards. For this one inch lumber, green-to-dry kiln time is typically 5-6 weeks, or 35-45 days.

Can you leave bark on a live edge table?

For many live edge slabs, we must remove all the bark. We’ll then remove any small pockets of bark and, if they’re interested details, leave them alone; if they hurt the overall look, we can fill them with epoxy!

How thick should a slab table be?

Most dining or conference tables we make land somewhere between 1.75” and 2.25” finished. This is typically easy to accomplish with well dried slabs with “minimal” drying movement that for us start at 2 3/8” thick if under 24” wide or 2 7/8” thick if 24”-36” wide.

Can you leave the bark on a live edge table?

Removing the bark on a live edge slab is a pretty simple process. We typically use a small chisel and hammer and angle the chisel with the way the live edge tapers. After all of the big pieces are removed, you can sand the rest until your edge has a smooth surface.

Who is the best slab master for live edge furniture?

Anthony is the best slab master for live edge furniture. He was very knowledgeable, he was able to explain everything about our piece of wood and the process to make our table. As an interior designer from New England, myself, I am always looking for unique pieces of good quality-I found it here!”

How are we different from other live edge slab suppliers?

How we are Different from other Live Edge Slab Suppliers: We invest in stocking a huge variety of large live edge wood slabs right in Sarasota. We are able to allow clients to see and touch the live edge slabs in person.

How long does it take for edge side dining table to ship?

Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks. . Edge-side tables add a unique look to any setting. They also come in various designs and shapes. Here are the best ones available online. Edge-side tables add a unique look to any setting. They also come in various designs and shapes. Here are the best ones available online. .