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Are GoAir flights operating?

In March 2020, the airline operated over 330 daily flights to 36 destinations, including 27 domestic and nine international destinations, from its hubs at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Kannur….Go First.

Founded November 2005 as GoAir
Commenced operations 4 November 2005

How do I check my flight status on GoAir?

You can check your flight status by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit and select ‘Flight Status’ under ‘Plan My Trip’
  2. Enter details of your place of origin and arrival.
  3. Select the date of travel.
  4. Click on ‘Check Now’

Why go first flight are getting Cancelled?

Why is GoAir cancelling flights? GoAir said that in the last four weeks, it has gone through unplanned grounding of aircraft and has now been informed by the manufacturers of their inability to deliver previously promised aircraft and engines till March 9, 2020.

Is go air on time?

As per the data released, GoAir registered 85.4% on-time-performance (OTP), the highest among scheduled domestic airlines in September 2019….GoAir is punctual all the time, every time.

Jun 2019 in % 83.5
July 2019 in % 74.4
Aug 2019 in % 80.3
Sep 2019 in % 83.7

Who is owner of GoAir?

Sevakunj Investments & Trading Co. Pvt Ltd.
Wadia Group
Go First/Parent organizations

Is go first Cancelling flights?

As per the current COVID-19 situation, Go First is offering flight rescheduling with no charges* by saving the PNRs for a period of 1 year. Hence, you can avoid the hassle of cancelling the flight and reschedule it for a future date.

Can I change my flight date Goair?

Goair allows a one-time Free amendment, The customer can reschedule their flight one-time without any reschedule penalty fees for travel up to 1 year from the original date of travel.

What is record locator in go first?

The record locator typically appears on the itinerary provided to the passenger, and may be described as a confirmation number, reservation number, confirmation code, booking reference, booking code, or vendor locator, or other description, depending on the reservation system.

Are GoAir tickets refundable?

If Goair has suspended the flight or Goair has approved full refund for any reason, Then the customer has to claim the refund by initiating a full refund cancelation request from EaseMyTrip My booking self-service portal (

Who is the vice president of Go Air?

Board of Directors

Name Designation
Babu Peter Executive Vice President- Engineering
Captain Rajit Ranjan Vice President- Flight Operations
Partha Sarathi Maity Chief of Flight Safety- Flight Safety
S.U Siddiqui Senior Director- Operation Control Centre

Where can I find a list of flights?

Find the most convenient scheduled flights flying from any of the thousands of commercial airports worldwide. Use Wego’s airport directory for a full list of airline flight schedules for international and domestic flights.

What are the benefits of going first with GoAir?

Avail ancillary benefits and get a comfortable flying experience with Go First. Choose Travel Protection and gain access to 24/7 emergency medical assistance, lifestyle assistance and more. Smart is Making Yourself a Priority.

When do Southwest Airlines tickets go on sale?

We are currently accepting air reservations through January 5, 2022. On September 16, 2021 we will open our schedule for sale through April 24, 2022. This date is subject to change! Please check back frequently.